Friday, 17 May 2013

Midi Skirt for Girls

ASOS midi skirtThe midi skirt has been one of the hottest looks to come off the catwalk this season. They have been featured in the ready-to-wear collections of Louis Vuitton and Prada, to name just a couple. However, for many people the reality of wearing a midi skirt is not as simple as it first seems.
ASOS full midi skirt
When they first made their appearance in the 70s, midis were all the rage. But as the fashion comes round again many women feel that they just can’t rock this eternally stylish look. The problem is that midi skirts can fall at the most unflattering point of the leg, which means that if you choose the wrong skirt you can easily end up looking frumpy instead of fabulous.

How to Wear the Midi Skirt

The reality is that wearing a midi skirt doesn’t have to end up as a fashion disaster. You just need to take an extra bit of care when choosing the right length. If your skirt is too short, you can end up looking much wider than you actually are. If it’s too long, you can end up looking like your granny.
Whistles pleated midi skirt
Whistles pleated midi skirt
The ideal length for a midi skirt is one that reaches the middle of your shin, just below the thickest part of your lower leg. This makes your legs seem instantly slimmer and is a great way to disguise areas of concern such as heavy thighs.

Dress for Your Shape

The length of your skirt will ultimately depend on your height. Tall girls can get away with a wider variety of lengths than those who are a bit shorter. If you are tall, you can go for any length as long as it doesn’t reach your ankles, but shorter women should go for a skirt that reaches just below the knee as this will help your legs look longer.
ASOS organza midi skirt
ASOS organza midi skirt
If you have fallen in love with a style or pattern which is the wrong length for your height, then take your skirt to your local seamstress or tailor to have it altered or adjust the hem yourself. A couple of inches can make all the difference between a skirt that makes you look short and squat and one that makes you look svelte and sophisticated.

What to Wear with Your Midi Skirt

Once you have got a skirt which is the most flattering length for your height, you need to pair it with the perfect accessories, handbags and shoes to finish off the look. Unless you are very tall, wearing heels will make your legs appear longer. Go for light-coloured shoes or those which have an open heel if you can and avoid any shoes which have an ankle strap as these will make your legs look even shorter.When it comes to your top, it is usually best to go for a simple style and a neutral tone, especially if your skirt is pleated or features a bold pattern or colour. If you are a bit chunky around your bottom, then a fitted jacket which sits just above your hip will help to balance out your shape. Another very flattering way to wear the midi is to go for a high-waisted option teamed with a skinny belt to add definition.


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