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Short Wedding Dresses

Short Wedding Dresses 2012 UK
Image name: Short Wedding Dresses 2012 UK. This image related to Short Wedding Dresses 2012 the Big Impression in Mini Style. Upgrade your fashion and styles with Short Wedding Dresses 2012 UK, this style can make you comport Every day . We hope this Short Wedding Dresses 2012 UK pictures can give you ideas ,inspirations and Confidence to get your perfect Styles.
Short Wedding Dresses 2012 UK

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Birdle White Dress

I had to teach them how to read and tell the time': Dressmaker Thelma had to start from scratch with her gypsy apprentices

Frock and awe: Thelma with one of her amazing wedding dresses
Frock and awe: Thelma with one of her amazing wedding dresses
Tony Spencer
Big Fat Gypsy Weddings dressmaker Thelma Madine thought she would be delighted when filming began on her new show.
But as soon as the cameras stopped rolling at the end of the first day, tears streamed down the designer’s face.
Thelma had just started to teach 10 traveller girls how to make the huge, outlandish wedding dresses that have made her famous.
But she’d had a shock that was even bigger than some of her gigantic frocks.
She says: “After the first day I cried my eyes out and thought ‘what have I done?’.
“My vision was to see them all sat in lines sewing and me saying ‘this is how you do it’.
“What I didn’t realise is they don’t act like 16 or 17-year-olds.
"They were more like 10 or 11-year-olds because they finished school at 11.
Thelma Madine and her workers in her factory“They had no social skills at all or any idea how to behave in the workplace. It was chaos and a bit of a nightmare.
Picking up the threads: Thelma with her traveller students
Channel 4
“I found out most of them couldn’t read or write. Some couldn’t tell the time so we had them asking what the time was – and even what day it was.
“You would tell them we were doing something on Monday and they would ask ‘when is Monday?’.
“It knocked me back. We are in the 21st century – I was really shocked.”
The forthcoming Channel 4 series, Thelma’s Gypsy Girls, will follow the teenagers working in her new shop and competing to be the best dressmaker.
Along with the sequins and stitching there will be squeals and fighting, which should help the Apprentice-style programme rake in most of the seven million viewers who watch Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.
“When gypsy girls come in to see me they don’t seem to have anything else in their head other than getting married,” explains Thelma, who says she’s in her 50s but won’t be more specific.
“I know it does me favours but they don’t know any other way because they leave school so young. It’s all about that big day.
“The travellers have put me where I am today and I thought it would be nice to try to give something back to them.
“I thought I could teach some of them a trade where they could get a job and let them see what it’s like to earn money. So I came up with this idea.
“When we did an open day we had loads of girls turn up. I picked 10 and the rest is history.”
The show is expected to cause controversy by lifting the veil on the lack of education among some girls in travelling families.
Designs by Big Fat Gypsy dress maker apprentice Shannon McguireOnce they are married they are often expected to stay at home and raise children.
Grand designs: Set of drawing by apprentice Shannon
Tony Spencer
Scouser Thelma, who is not a gypsy, says: “The girls were all so excited and screaming and shouting at each other, but nobody knew what rules were.
“We had to put clock faces up on the wall to show them when they had to be here, when they could have a cup of tea and when to go for lunch.
“Then I realised it wasn’t just teaching these kids to sew – we had to get a tutor to teach them how to read and write.
“It was full-on and turned my life upside down. It was three months before things settled down. Now they can all read. They are at different reading levels but they have all improved.
“We were trying to teach them to do things with tape measures. But how can you do that if they struggle with numbers?
"They didn’t even know how to use a calculator. It was shocking and surreal.
“The Romanies will say their kids go to school and learn, but these girls didn’t.
"They’re also very needy and will cling on to you and ask ‘Am I your favourite?’ They need you all the time.”
Among Thelma’s apprentices are Irish traveller Margaret Toohey, 16, from a trailer site near the shop in Liverpool.
Big Fat Gypsy Dress maker apprentices Margaret Toohey and Shannon Mcguire
Dress to impress: Shannon, left, and Margaret
Tony Spencer
Margaret, whose boyfriend disapproves of her working, says her dressmaking experience has changed her. She adds: “I was always sitting at home doing nothing. Thelma is like another mother.
“She has helped me to change my temper, talked to me and calmed me down a lot. She is very helpful and has been leading me down the right path.”
Shannon McGuire, 15, who has been in trouble with the police for fighting, is another of the girls.
She left school aged 11 and is responsible for looking after her seven siblings.
Shannon, who lives in Wrexham, was suspended in the first week of filming for fighting, and says: “The first few days were hard but I’ve changed. I am more polite – Thelma makes you listen.”
As Thelma takes me around the workshop, the girls show off their designs for a dress they will wear at the end of the series when a winner will be picked.
The show should be another boost for Thelma, who bounced back from being jailed in 2001 for benefit fraud to become the dressmaker gypsies go to if they need flash frocks.
But despite raking in a fortune thanks to Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, she says she’s hugely in debt.
Clocks made from paper plates on the wall at Big Fat Gypsy dress maker Thelma Madine's Liverpool shopTick tock: Paper clocks helping the girls tell the time
Tony Spencer
As we walk around the girls sewing away, Thelma says: “We estimated doing this new shop would cost £40,000. It hasn’t, it has cost £82,000.
“I keep telling the girls they have to start earning me some money.”
While she’s been concentrating on her apprentices, Thelma has turned potential business away. She says: “I had to cut down by 50% while doing this.”
But she now hopes to take on one or two of the girls to help meet the growing demand for her astonishing creations.
She says: “People in America and Puerto Rico ask us for dresses. Now we have done this show I feel we should keep it going and train more people.
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Bridesmaid Dresses

new-ivy-and-aster-wedding-dresses-bridesmaid-dresses.jpgPhotos: Courtesy of Ivy & Aster
Ivy & Aster are known for their playful, whimsical frocks. Their new wedding dress collection features a number of styles that would look at home at a garden or backyard wedding. And if you're looking for dresses your 'maids actually want to wear, they've got you covered. Every single style in their bridesmaid dress collection is totally re-wearable—no major alterations necessary. See the full Ivy & Aster Spring 2012 wedding dress collection here and the bridesmaid dress collection here. —Allison Bean
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White Dress by the Shore

About a month after our Charleston vacation, John and I were scheduled to be in Connecticut for our engagement party and a weekend of wedding vendor meetings. Exciting! Since my two sisters were going to be in town for the festivities, I decided to take an appointment at The White Dress by the Shore, a bridal boutique down the road from my hometown. I had heard great things about the shop, and so even though none of their designers were high on my priority list (Amy Kuschel, Anne Barge, Augusta Jones, Coren Moore, David Fielden, Ivy and Aster, Jenny Yoo, Modern Trousseau, Rivini, and Amsale, who I do love), I went in with an open mind.
Our appointment was late on Saturday morning, and the small shop was bustling. After a short wait we were matched with our consultant and led to a prime fitting room (score!). Our gal was very nice, though I did feel the environment was slightly more formal/stuffy than Maddison Row. My sisters and mom and I looked through the racks and pulled a few dresses, and our consultant pulled a few as well. Here are a few I tried:
Let’s start with my least two favorites. I did not want anything with sparkles, which the gown on the left had (interestingly, it was also too plain for my taste). The skirt of the gown on the right, by Anne Barge, didn’t feel very refined.
This one I kind of wanted to like, but it was wayyyy too big for me, and since it was Priscilla of Boston, only the sample was available.
The one on the left was too black-tie, not enough wedding for me. The one on the right was quite pretty, but lacked oomph. The top was also not soft enough for my taste.
Now this one, the “Lauren” by Amsale, I quite liked. Ultimately, though, it didn’t feel like me (though it did remind me of my friend Katharine’s gorgeous Amsale gown!).
In the end I guess you could say it came down to these two, but I honestly wasn’t seriously considering either of them (by Augusta Jones on the left, and the “Melina” by Amsale on the right). In fact, I left the White Dress surprisingly disheartened about my dress search. (If we’re being honest, I might even have shed a tear or two in the car — the frustrating kind, because you really don’t want to be crying, and you know there’s no reason you should be crying, but you can’t help it. Yuck.)
I think the pressure of our whirlwind weekend (five vendor appointments in a row on Friday!) and of making important decisions got to me in that moment. Since I thought this was my only chance to buy a dress with my mom at my side, I was also sad that I hadn’t found “the one” on this trip. Speaking of “the one,” I think I was also disappointed because I hadn’t even come close to feeling strongly about any of the dresses I had tried on thus far, and I had assumed picking a gown would be fairly easy for me. Ah well. Things look up from here!
Tell me: Did your dress shopping experience turn out how you thought it would? How many shops did you visit before finding your gown?
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Bridal shower

She's recently enjoyed a shopping trip to Paris.
And it showed on Saturday as Fergie chose an outfit that wouldn't have looked out of place at the Paris Ritz for to host her sister Dana Marie's bridal shower in Beverly Hills.
So it was handy that the event had a dress code of 'garden party with a French twist' - giving Fergie the chance to properly show off her new attire as she headed out with her sibling to The Ivy on Saturday.
Ethereal: Fergie went for a flapper style dress to host her sister's bridal shower at The Ivy in Beverly Hills on Saturday
Ethereal: Fergie celebrated her baby shower at The Ivy in Beverly Hills on Saturday
Hand-in-hand: Fergie kept a tight hold of her sister Dana Marie's hand as the pair headed to the shower
Hand-in-hand: Fergie kept a tight hold of her sister Dana Marie's hand as the pair headed to the shower
The Black Eyed Peas songstress hid her growing baby bump under a gorgeous mint green flapper dress with pink rose detail.
She also shielded her face from the cameras with a pair of oversized sunglasses and covered her shoulders with an ostentatious maribou bolero.
The Big Girls Don't Cry singer topped off her electic attire with a pair of delicate sandals.
Pretty: The mother-to-be was a vision as she arrived at The Ivy restaurant on Robertson Boulevard
Pretty: The mother-to-be was a vision as she arrived at The Ivy restaurant on Robertson Boulevard
Pretty: The mother-to-be was a vision as she arrived at The Ivy restaurant on Robertson Boulevard
Drop waisted: The trend for 1920s fashion comes in handy for the expectant lady
Drop waisted: The trend for 1920s fashion comes in handy for the expectant lady
The 37-year-old entertainer, who is married to actor Josh Duhamel, had only red toenails to hint at her rock girl past. 
And Fergie kept her fans informed on Twitter of how the party  was going, tweeting a picture of herself with Dana as well as the invite to the occasion.
While Josh is busy promoting his new movie Safe Haven - a romantic drama written by Nicholas Sparks and co-starring Julianne Hough - Fergie was enjoying herself in the French capital of Paris, on the front rows for some of the world's most lauded fashion houses.
During her stay, she shared snaps of herself sitting among some of the biggest names in couture as she watched runway shows at Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh and Georgio Armani.
Exciting times: The singer also spotted a take on her trademark gloves
Exciting times: The singer also spotted a take on her trademark gloves
The couple, who married in 2009 after dating for five years, confirmed via Twitter on February 18 that the Fergalicious singer was pregnant.
'Josh & Me & BABY makes three!!! #mylovelybabybump,' the statement read.
Speaking to The New York Times' Page Six, the actor said, 'She was the one when we first found out that was like, 'This s*** just got real.'
Excited! The couple, pictured in London, announced their baby joy on February 18th and Josh said he feels ready to be a father at 40
Excited! The couple, pictured in London, announced their baby joy on February 18th and Josh said he feels ready to be a father at 40
'Those were the first words out of her mouth.'
Their first child, 40-year old Josh certainly feels ready to be a father: 'I'm not 24, I've got some life experience that I think I can impart.'
'My mother was the disciplinarian and my father was more of a free spirit. Hopefully I'm somewhere in between,' he mused.

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Skip A Few Shampoos

Why It’s Best To Skip A Few Shampoos

I’m glad you were intrigued enough by our headline and clicked even though it might sound like foreign language to you. But it’s true. You ever wonder why your hair doesn’t quite lay the way you want when you leave the hair salon but looks amazing after a week. Because dirty hair is really better. Here’s four reasons why you should skip a few shampoos.
woman with natural curly hairMUST READ: 4 No-Nonsense Tips To Cleaning Your Ceramic Flat Iron

1.) Much easier to style

Freshly washed and dried hair will notoriously slip right out of hair pins and tends to get real brand new on you when you’re attempting to do a updo. Your hair will last much longer if you wait a few days after your shampoo before you style it.

2.) Keeps your color longer

Over-washing your hair tends to dull your color out and can lead to more frequent and costly trips to your salon. Keep your tresses looking bright and fresh by only washing it once a week and using a shampoo formulated for color-treated hair.

3.) Get healthier hair

Instead of washing your hair try co-washing or find a good dry shampoo as an alternative. This way you are not stripping your hair of their natural oils leaving your hair less than lustrous.

4.) Time saved

God bless you beauties who wash your hair daily. But you should really stop. By cutting back on your wash and dry time you could add a few extra minutes of sleep or make your boo some breakfast. Which will lead to a much more pleasant you!


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Yellow frock

Is that the colour for you? Pixie Lott leads the celebrity guests at The Shard opening party on Thursday night in a yellow dressIt's one of the most highly anticipated attractions in London and on Thursday night a string of exclusive guests were invited to party at the top of The Shard for the official opening.
And being girl of the moment, Pixie Lott, of course, was one of the stars on the guest list being wowed by the view from the London Bridge hot spot.
The Mama Do singer turned up to the launch party with her boyfriend Oliver Cheshire.
Scroll down for video
Is that the colour for you? Pixie Lott leads the celebrity guests at The Shard opening party on Thursday night in a yellow dress
And she decided to ignore the wintry British weather to show off some skin in a summery frock.
But the 22-year-old risked looking washed out as she opted for a vibrant yellow next to her skin.

Keeping in with her vintage style, Pixie tried out the quirky number with collar detailing and cream lace across the front.
Date night: The singer was joined by boyfriend Oliver Cheshire as they came to witness the astounding views of London
Date night: The singer was joined by boyfriend Oliver Cheshire as they came to witness the astounding views of London

Dressed for summer: The 22-year-old posed for photos with a large grin on her face as she showed off her flesh next to the yellow frockDressed for summer: The 22-year-old posed for photos with a large grin on her face as she showed off her flesh next to the yellow frock
She completed her look with a white clutch bag and sky high platform shoes, while her blonde locks were worn down in a wavy half up 'do.
The pop star smiled sweetly for the cameras as her chiselled beau joined her as they posed up on entry.
Oliver looked dapper in skinny jeans and a white T-shirt, while smartening up his look in polished shoes and a black coat.

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Summer Looks

Photographed by Craig McDean, Vogue, March 2011
As the summer solstice is celebrated across the Northern Hemisphere, party dresses are likely to see the light of day far longer than usual tonight. Those extra hours of sun are a good time to reconsider the usual classics of the season too—basic tank tops, denim jackets, and crisp white button-downs that can just as easily be taken into evening. Look no further than this year’s Costume Institute Gala for proof. In keeping with the theme of the event, Jenna Lyons stepped out in a taffeta ball skirt, the perfect shade of Schiaparelli pink. The surrealist twist to her look? The denim J. Crew jacket she wore on top. Vogue’s Virginia Smith struck the right note too that night, pairing Balmain’s super embellished velvet pants with the simplest of unadorned white T-shirts.
From left: Jenna Lyons, Alexa Chung, and Virginia Smith
Photo (from left): Billy Farrell/; Sandy Young/Getty Images; Billy Farrell/
It’s a feeling that’s been brewing on red carpets across the pond too, including this year’s Cannes Film Festival, where up-and-coming French actress Leïla Bekhti was spotted wearing an intricate Carven miniskirt with a crisp white button-down shirt. “There is something fresh and completely carefree about it,” says designer Guillaume Henry. “I think more than anything else young women like the confidence that comes with adding something they might wear everyday to evening. It’s unfussy and chic at the same time.”

Fashion writer Stephanie LaCava shares that sentiment. When she found herself scrambling in her suitcase for a party outfit on a recent trip to L.A., the one piece that would complete her look was an Anita Ekberg–print tee she had picked up in a vintage store just hours earlier. “The fact is, when you’re dressing up you don’t want to look like you planned it too carefully, you don’t want it to be too pulled together,” said LaCava who often wears a tee under a smoking jacket. According to her, the trick to that nonchalance is finding the one basic that you are absolutely comfortable with—in her case, a Rick Owens T-shirt with extra-long sleeves. Although it needn’t be designer; she’ll just as soon wear her peplum Jil Sander pink skirt with a white American Apparel crewneck. Accessories are important too—a bejeweled minaudière, for example, will elevate the look in an instant. For Opening Ceremony buyer Kate Foley, finding the sweet spot in her closet between day and night is particularly important in the summer for practical reasons. “I’m at the office most of the day and don’t have time to change for an event most nights,” says Foley, whose 24-hour wardrobe often consists of a metallic  leather skirt, graphic sculptural heels, and a white tee. There’s a certain spontaneity that comes when you combine something ultra-glamorous with something unabashedly pared-down—and that’s the stuff that midsummer’s nights dreams are made of.
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Street Style Secret

Miranda Kerr (FameFlynet, Bauer Griffin, do all of Miranda Kerr's above looks have in common? Aside from being really cute? They all incorporate pieces from the model's go-to designer: Isabel Marant.

Miranda isn't the only street styler who consistently turns to the oh-so-cool oh-so-easy-to-wear French line. Kate Bosworth, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Katie Holmes are all Marant devotees. And who better to inspire our errand-running attire than these impeccably dressed ladies? Whether it's in the form of a Southwestern blouse or a granny-chic sweater, casual booties or print shorts, these items add a funky yet pretty edge to each ensemble.

Take a closer look at Miranda's best Isabel Marant outfits and vote for your favorite below!

1. Baby Blue Shorts
?Pirates of the Caribbean? actor Orlando Bloom and his model wife Miranda Kerr took a stroll through the streets of New York City, New York on June 25, 2012 hand in hand.
(FameFlynet Pictures)2. Southwestern Flavor
Miranda Kerr leaves a downtown office building with her dog Frankie.
(Bauer Griffin)3. Cool Coat
Miranda Kerr forgets about the fall chill, giving a glimpse of a sheer top and black bra under her jacket, as she heads into a Midtown studio in New York City.
( Fuchsia Florals
Miranda Kerr takes her baby son Flynn for a stroll in New York City. The supermodel was dressed fashionable as ever as she took her young son with husband Orlando Bloom (not pictured) out in the Big Apple.
( Granny-Chic
Model Miranda Kerr shows off her street style in New York City as she is out and about.
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Long Night Dresses


                                          La Femme 17543 Purple Sequin With Straps Prom Dress
Are you craving an open back? La Femme 17543 is the dress for you for Prom this year! This deep V and sweetheart inspired gown has shoulder straps that are embellished in fabulous sparkles and rhinestones!.The La Femme 17543 features sexy side slits and a classic open back design! It is the sexy dress with oh so much class! Available in multiple colors to choose from!

Twinkling jewel embellishments follow the shoulder straps to form a sexy frame below the sweetheart neckline on this chic gown by La Femme 17543. Pleats fall below and fade off into the layers of the full length skirt. Capture the night in this attention grabbing design.


       Night Moves 6428 Gold Halter Beaded Straps V-neck Long Dress For Prom
This satin Night Moves 6428 dress is a sexy statement for Prom! Night Moves is known for their sleek, sultry looks! Completely Satin, this Night Moves 6428 dress is elegant in the front, but makes a statement in the back. The back of this dress has sexy slits made of ruched satin. The back straps are strategically placed with rhinestones and faux diamonds! The front is a halter style embellished with the same jeweled design. Wear this Night Moves style in Gold, Turquoise or Pink!

                              La Femme 17696 Pink Strapless Sparkly For Winter Formal Dress
Prom Dress by La Femme style 17696 is great in pastels! The neckline is square and strapless. The bodice is embellished with a hand painted pattern detailed with jewels and beading. The waistline is empire. The fabric is chiffon. The skirt is A-line style. This is a long prom dress. The mid back has a side zipper. This style is offered as shown in Cotton Candy Pink. La Femme is becoming more popular than ever with prom girls wanting top prom dresses. La Femme prom dresses are fresh with elegant designs for prom and designed especially for prom girls who want short or long prom dresses.

                                         Cheap For Tripoli Sweeping Silver Long Night Party Dresses
Not a single accessory is needed to compliment this luxurious silver prom dresses 2013. An embellished collar gives way to spilling layers of luxurious satin in long and draping curves and lines. Perfect with an up-style hairdo for a classy and worldly royal look.

Night Moves 6494 Sweetheart Turquoise Strapless Sequin Crystal Short Homecoming Dresses
Super sweet, but still a bit edgy with the print, this dress will not disappoint you! The rhinestone broach under the bust is super cute and feminine! The skirt of this dress is the same leopard print as the top, except it has a lovely layer of tulle covering it for extra dimension! Pair this with cute neon shoes for an edgy look, or with silver for a classic girly look!
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Party Dresses 2013


This is a famous collection Stylish New Party Dresses Collection for Girls and this collection have got fame in this short time due to their unique designs and quality fabrics. These fashion design cover Bridals dresses, Casual dresses, Semi Formals, Party dresses for all occasions and recently they have launched Indian Party Wear Dresses 2012, These is heavy embroidery and beads work on these dresses specially on neck area, collection contains long shirts with churidar pajamas. Now have a fast look on Stylish New Party Dresses Collection for Girls 2012.
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Night Party Dress

Blue Stylish Night Party Dress

Night Party Dress 
When you have an occasion that you need night partydress for, it must be the best dress or you will cry. Your dream dress will take lots of journeys around the mall to find. Going online is the best way to buy night party dress because it is rapid & cost effective & the deals & selections are plentiful online. is a great place to shop for night part dress in case you don t have much funds to spend but would still like to find designer dresses. By shopping for bargains, you can buy from hundreds of cheap evening dresses. The place given in the web address does not store the gowns; they are actually stocked with the retailers who ship them. In case you need a quality gown you ought to try these guys they are brokers that work to bring buyers & sellers together. High finish stores including Neiman Marcus, eDressMe, Dillards, Macys & others will send you a gown from their discount clothing lines. To save funds, you can purchase an on-sale evening summer dress in the winter or an on-sale evening winter dress in the summertime.


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Kurtas for Girls

Here is Shubinak collection “autumn winter ready to wear collection 2012″ for Pakistani , Indian Eastern girls & women’s new trendy fashion outfits Long shirts, short shirts, tunics , kaftan,long Kurtis with pajama and jeans collection 2013-12 colorful designs.All dresses are lavishly designed on best fabric of chiffon, silk, crinkle, etc. You can wear these dresses in summer, winter seasons as Evening wear, formal, semi formal fashion and on Wedding parties, Perfect for the semi-formal dinners and get together to celebrate the festivity of Eid, Karandi Shirts, Qalmi embroidery, latest girls & women’s Kurtas..Shubinak designer brand
Formed in 1998. Sustainable and ethical Fashion, thoughtful lifestyle with an attitude, Skills of Chitrali & Lahori artisans brought to you by Shubinak..
“Shubinak” is also the name of a brand and a social enterprise system specially created with the aim of introducing an array of products and services; conceived, produced and delivered by a blend of Artisans, Designers, and Ethical business managers; to the world. This blend of visionaries comes from the mystical and rugged mountain valleys of Chitral and the historically and culturally vibrant city of Lahore. The shubinak Woman your beauty is conscious, you are not concious of your beauty.

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Summer Collections

Summer is the "paradise" of the skinny girls, fat girls "Hell", the fat girl in the scorching summer through the dress to cover up that fleshy body? Share a trick of the summer was thin, the beauty of the fat girls come to understand that fat girl in summer clothing tips.

Fat girls summer clothing with skills: choose a dark color of his clothes

For the fat girl, wear light-colored on the inside, dark sets out not only makes the whole seem lively, and the figure will look very slim. Should not have to wear light-colored abercrombie tops on the outside, and dark wear on the inside, so that the people seem to have no fat also adding to the feeling of several kilograms, but also looked very rustic. Black dress, stockings, shoes, gloves, hats, handbags, portfolio, and gold necklace to decorate, make you appear in mystery a charming figure, fat girls summer clothing, we will let your summer is no longer lonely.

Fat girls summer clothing tips: clothing optional warm

Fat girls mostly do not like light-colored clothing, in fact, with the right mix, fat girls can also wear bright colors. Choose bright white or orange short-sleeved abercrombie t shirts clothing such as upper body, following with a dark blue-green or dark blue jeans, people can not help to see a brightly colored shirt, and will not pay attention to your fat body.

Fat girls summer clothing with three techniques: Floral color is also suitable

The flowers of the body is not suitable for fat girls, but the partial decoration serves as a good and recommended. Floral dress, fat people can choose to avoid,but do not choose large spent on the fabric above, the flowers will look thin.Color abercrombie t shirt choice should be used in medium-size pattern of vertical stripes, darker clothes, you can give a vague outline of hazy feeling.

Fat girls summer clothing Four Skills: pay attention to clothes and skirt details

Yuanqun cover obese body more than the long-barreled tight skirt in flowing white Yuanqun, with fitting short-sleeved shirt, skillfully bring out the slim waist. Also free to add a bunch of retro long necklace embellishment, immediately makes you a full flavor of the ladies.
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Baby Frock

Stylish and Fashionable Pakistani Baby Girls Frock Collection

Minnie Minors is a colorful fashion brand of new born to pre-school. Minnie Minors was founded in 1998, since then they have launched kids summer, spring, winter and eid collections. Minnie Minor clothes are very fashionable and trendy. The use of bright color makes their collection even more attractive to the kids. The energetic themes, cartoons printed boys shirts and embroidered girls frocks makes Minnie Minors collection even more exclusive. Recently they have presented a limited stock offer of beautiful Minnie minors eid collection. Every dress is quite interesting and fun which every kid would love to wear. Minnie Minors shop are located in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Peshawar, Islamabad etc. Lets check out magnetic collection of all collection of Baby Girls Kids


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Colorful Bangles

Fashionable Stylish Beautiful & Colorful Bangles Collection for Girls.

Bangles are a type of Jewellery worn by women in Pakistan and India. Bangles are not only popular in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, but are also popular in America. You’ll never believe if we tell you that American Brides have started wearing Glass Bangles at their weddings, but not all of them, Bangles come in a range of colors, styles and with different embellishments and hence are a perfect match for any functions.

Bangles are type of Fashion Jewellery which you can purchase online from any online store. BnB Accessories is one of the online stores dealing in bangles. The designs of Bangles by Bags N Bangles are according to latest fashion trends of 2011 – 2012 and women can wear these bangles in parties and weddings. These colorful bangles can also be worn with casual dresses,jeans and trousers. A few of latest styles and designs of Bangles for Women for the year 2011 are picked by us. You can buy these bangles online from BnB’s website.

Banglesare a part oftraditional Indian jewelry .Bangles is usually worn in pairs by women, one or more on each armIn many cultures, especially in the South Asia and in Arabian Peninsula, bangles have evolved into various types in which different ones are used at different occasions. Bangles andBracelets are very famous in todays Fashion Jewelery not only in India but also inPakistanBangles and Bracelets has become an attraction for ladies in parties, weddings, and formal gatherings in India, Pakistan, Canada, United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Germany and several other countries all over the worldBangles and Bracelets are available according to the latest fashion trends in Pakistan.
Bridal jewelry is also selected with great care. Bridal bangles are an essential part of Indian and Pakistan weddings. Bridal bangles are made of numerous precious as well as non-precious materials such as gold, silver, platinum, glass, wood, ferrous metals, plastic, etc.Bridal bangles with multi-colored stones and beads are perfect for brides. Bride hands are incomplete without bangles. Bride wears royal and expensive gold, kundan and diamond ornaments and I think every Asian woman loves to wear bangles. The huge range of Bridal Bangles Sets are also available all over the Pakistan.

Bangle Bracelets are now worn by Fashion Conscious girls with as much style and passion as their mothers and grandmothers wore them as a tradition. At earlier bangles designs were very simple and having a few basic colors, but along with the advancement of Fashion Industry, the bangle designs also changed. The Old Designs of Bangles are still in Fashion with a few modifications, 

Bangles are very traditional jewelry all over the Pakistan as well as in India and Asian countries.Eid is celebrated just after the month of Ramadan. Women especially buy mehndi andbangles for Eid.The day before eid is called chand rat so on this day mostly girls buybangles for eid days.Bazar and shopping centers are crowded with girls on chand rat. The local markets of different cities are full with families and enjoying the delightful moments of Eid shopping; especially the young girls come to buy bangles and other accessories. In my opinion Bangles set is a very beautiful gift to give your friends on Eid. I think Bangles are always remain in women’s style.
Bangle Bracelets are now shabby by Fashion Conscious girls with as much style and obsession as their mothers and grandmothers wore them as a practice. At earlier bangles designs were very simple and having a few vital colors, but along with the progression of Fashion Industry, the bangle designs also changed. The Old Designs of Bangles are still in Fashion with a small number of modifications.


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