Friday, 17 May 2013

Teen Fashion

Teen fashion 2012 Teen Fashion
Hey teens, this time I prepare a page about choices what your wear style can be. Firstly, you should choose a pant, it can be a jean or flax. Pant should be little torn so that it can be not ordinary. Subsequently, you can combine the pant with a sweat shirt, it is enough to be simple and light colour. It should be light, nor dark colour because in hot and sunny days, light colours absorb  the sun light less compared to the dark ones. Also you can match your pant and t-shirt with a colllared jacket; coat or denim. As an accessorie, some chain ornaments can be useful at using bracelets, necklace or bunchs on shoes.
Cowgirl2 Teen Fashion
If you wear clike a cowboy, your choice of style should be like below. A cowboy waistcoat, torn pants, shawl, a metal or leather arch. You can combine the all of these together.

zV75K3tH1 Teen Fashion

Teen Summer Dress SD04 Teen Fashion

summer dresses for teens cornflower 1 Teen Fashion
As well as the crazy styles, prominent plain and elegant wear styles with plain patterns of designs. Only one colour in shoes, skirts, vests and blouses. When all of these match with one another, an elegant wear style occurs.

Teen Fashion Dresses tips Teen Fashion

Teen Summer Dress SD03 Teen Fashion

Teen Summer Dress SD01 Teen Fashion  

As you see in the pictures, floral patterns on pastel colours can be seem certainly stylish and live. Thanks to your rainbow coloured dresses, you will feel yourself and soul optimistic and like rainbow. Do not forget that flowers on plain fabric always look charming.


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