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Color Ideas for Blondes

Color Ideas for Blondes
Blondes have an advantage when coloring their hair. Since their natural color is already light, the hair will take virtually any color. Blonde hair is also easy to lighten and highlight with minimal damage. Choosing which shade to dye your blonde hair is an exciting process. You can enjoy it and have a lot of fun if you follow a few simple tips.

Choosing a hair color depends largely on skin tone. There are two types of skin tones -- warm and cool. Warm skin tones usually have yellow undertones, and turn golden brown when tanning. Cool skin tones have blue or pink undertones. There are a couple ways to assess whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. Look at the veins in your arm; if they appear green, you have a warm skin tone. If they appear blue, you have a cool skin tone. Also try holding a white piece of paper up to your face while looking in the mirror. See if your skin looks more yellow or bluer than the paper.
Going Brunette

If you're tired of being the blonde bombshell and want to add a little mystery to your look, becoming a brunette may be the right choice for you. Before you go out and buy a box of home hair color, decide which shade will be the most flattering on you. Blondes with pale skin may not want to go too dark, since this can wash out the skin and make you look pasty. The color choice should also coincide with your skin tone.

If you have a cool, fair skin tone, try an ash brown or a light beige. This will complement your skin tone without going too dark. Keep in mind that when changing your hair to a darker color, your makeup routine will also have to change. Eye shadows should be deeper, and lining your top lid with a black pencil will also make your eyes stand out. For cool skin tones that are deeper, such as an olive complexion, feel free to try ash or beige colors that are darker. For an ultimate change, try a blue-black.

For warm skin tones, try any type of brunette dye with the word "golden" in it. Rich chocolate and auburn colors also look great against warm skin tones.
Going Red

Red hair color will look bold and brilliant when applied to blonde hair. Because your hair is already so light, the pigment of the dye is more apparent. Red hair color tends to fade quickly; on blondes, red will eventually fade to a strawberry color. A good way to keep your red locks bright is by adding a little pre-mixed dye such as Manic Panic to your shampoo. You can also buy shampoos specifically designed for red hair.

Dyeing your hair red is the same as going brunette; base your color choice on your skin tone. Blondes with cool skin tones should probably avoid orange-based red hair altogether. This will wash you out. If you do have cool toned skin and want to try red, go for a purplish-colored red. This will match the blue undertones in your complexion.
Chunked Color

Adding chunks of color to select pieces of hair is easy to do when you have blonde hair. Adding punk stripes in pink, blue or purple will look brilliant and edgy without having to bleach the hair first. When coloring your hair unnatural colors like pink, try using a semi-permanent dye that will allow you to change the color as often as you'd like.

Chunked highlights or frosting are both easy looks you can achieve. Use a frosting cap or foils to choose select pieces of hair and apply a cream hair bleach. Because your hair is already light, you will only need to let the bleach set for about 10 minutes. It is best to check on your hair every five minutes when bleaching; just because your hair is lighter doesn't mean you can't over bleach it and cause damage.
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Damaged hair

- Cover the hair with mayonnaise, sleep with it throughout the night and wash in the morning.
- Mix honey and eggs and put on hair for 10 minutes, then wash.
- Take one egg: Detach the egg yolk from the whites.Beat the whites.Mix some water with the yolk and put in the blender until its smooth.Add the whipped whites.Wash hair with hot water and apply the mixture on hair.Massage and wash with cold water.
Home Remedy For Hairs- Mix; 300mm coconut oil, 100mm simmondsia chinensis oil, 20mm Rosemary oil, a few drops of vitamin E. Chill the mixture for 1 hour. Coat on hair, massage and wash with herbal tea or warm water.
- Grind 3 carrots and put in a container. Add some olive oil, refrigerate for 3 weeks, strain and use as a hair mask.
- Mix; Olive oil, honey, egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Smear on the scalp, massage, wait for 15 minutes and rinse with cold water.
- Crush avocado, add some olive oil and smear on hair.
- Saturate nettles in water, use the liquid as a hair wash.
- Smear mayonnaise on hair 1-2 times a week, cover the hair with a cloth and go to bed, wash in the morning.
- Mix;  2 tablespoonfuls of castor oil seeds and 2 tablespoonful of coconut oil. Smear on scalp, wait and rinse.
- Mix 1 teaspoon of olive oil with 1 teaspoon of sesame oil and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Warm the oils together and smear on the scalp. Wrap with a warm towel for half an hour and rinse with shampoo and water.
- For dry hair: Add 1 cup of boiling water and infuse it to the herb mint. It helps to add oil to the hair if used in the shower.
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Shampoo Secrets

Shampoo Secrets Take a stroll down the hair care aisle at your local drugstore and you'll find dozens of shampoos for every type of hair. "Not all shampoos are alike -- there really is a big difference between products designed for different hair types, or to achieve different looks," explains leading hair care research scientist Steve Shiel, a Pantene hair care expert who holds a doctorate in organometallic chemistry. "Shampoos contain different types and levels of active ingredients, designed to provide conditioning, detangling, volume and many other benefits to get healthy hair."

Don't simply reach for the prettiest bottle. Instead, think about both what type of hair you have -- fine, coarse, curly, color treated -- and what you are trying to achieve with your overall style.

Thin, fine hair
Styling product residue, dirt from the environment and excess hair oils can easily weigh down thin, fine hair, causing your locks to appear limp and lifeless. A daily volumizing shampoo can do wonders, leaving hair clean while providing a thicker, fuller appearance. The weekly use of a clarifying shampoo will help you avoid excessive product buildup.

Thick tresses
Thick hair can easily become dry and dull, so a moisturizing shampoo is essential for maintaining beautiful tresses. Go easy on the amount of shampoo you use; the size of a quarter is a good guideline since thick hair is very porous and easily absorbs products. To eliminate the buildup that often accompanies this absorbent hair type, use a clarifying shampoo once a week that is designed to remove residue.

Curly hair
Managing curly hair can be a challenge, especially since it has a tendency to look dry and dull. The first step to taming your curls is a gentle hydrating shampoo specially formulated for curly hair. Make sure you also use the right shampooing technique. Squeeze about a quarter-size dollop of shampoo into your palms, and gently massage your scalp, never using your fingernails. Then, work the shampoo to the ends and rinse with cold water.

Colored or highlighted hair
Shampoos specifically designed for color-treated hair work to replenish the protective lipid layer on the hair shaft that is weakened by hair dye. Dr. D'Anne Kleinsmith, a dermatologist in West Bloomfield, Mich., suggests staying away from shampoos containing sulfates like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which is used to create lather. "These sulfates can remove color more quickly than a sulfate-free shampoo," she says. Instead, opt for a color-enhancing shampoo, which can impart a little color between treatments. Be cautious when selecting the shade of your color shampoo, warns Claudio Lazo, owner of C the Salon in Studio City, Calif. A red stain on blond hair can turn your hair pink, and blond pigments on brown locks may yield lackluster results.
Now that you know how to pick the shampoo that's right for you, here's advice on how to use it:
Shampooing tips 
If you start your day with a grueling spinning class, you may want to shampoo daily. If, however, extending the life of a labor-intensive blowout is your goal, you'll want to opt for a less-frequent shampoo schedule. Just be sure to wash your hair before it gets too dirty, as particles of grime can damage your hair during combing.

You don't need to worry about harming your hair with daily washing. "Shampooing will not in itself damage the hair, since modern shampoos do not lift the cuticle," explains John Gray, author of The World of Hair Colour. "Harsh shampoos were used in the past, and acute and irreversible tangling or matting sometimes followed shampooing. This kind of matting is seldom seen nowadays, since most modern shampoos contain conditioning agents that protect hair."

When you are ready to lather up, focus first on the scalp, hairline, behind the ears and around the temple, because that's where the concentration of your hair's sebum -- or oils -- can be found. Then continue shampooing downward to prevent the hair cuticles from opening, which can cause split ends. Kleinsmith recommends shampooing with warm water, as hot water can be drying. And never pull, tug or scrub wet hair. Instead, use your fingertips to distribute the shampoo.

One application of shampoo is generally enough to remove oil, dirt and residue from the hair fiber. However, Shiel suggests that those who use a lot of styling products -- particularly waxes and pomades -- may want to rinse and repeat to reduce buildup.
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Hair damage cause

We used to do mess with our hairs by doing experiments. We are going to simplify things and look at the 6 biggest things not to do with your hair:

1. You're Not Getting Regular Trims

This is definitely the number 1 mistake most people make when it comes to their hairstyle. You may think that not getting regular trims will save you money and help you gain length, but the truth is, without regular trims, your long locks will:
    Hair damage cause
  • lose shape and give your hairstyle a very bad appearance
  • become unruly and riotous
  • become unhealthy and split at the ends- this will make it impossible to ever have a longer hairstyle
Any of these issues will definitely cost you more in the long run. Regular trims are essential for keeping your hair healthy and keeping it looking great. And remember too, to keep the cost down, try spacing out your appointments for a trim.
2. You're doing Color or Cuts Yourself, or You're Letting a Friend Do Them for You
The second biggest mistake that you make with your hair is to attempt a color or cut yourself at home. Telling you right now, it will never measure up to the finish that you'd receive from a professional hairstylist. Even hairstylists don't attempt to do their own hair, and unless you have a friend who is a hairstylist, getting someone else to color or cut your hair for you will most likely end up a complete disaster that costs you more money to fix. For the sake of your hair and to avoid any stress, leave color and cuts to the professionals.
3. You're Not Using the Right Products for Your Hair or Scalp Type
Not using the right products for your hair or scalp type cause hair damage. Most people don't believe that this is really that important, but they couldn't be further from the truth. The wrong product not only stops your hair from being as healthy as it can, but it also prevents you from making full use of your natural hair type and texture, meaning that it can harm any hairstyles you try to create. Imagine how much better your naturally curly locks would look if you used products for curly hair that are designed specially to lock-in the moisture; or, if you had fine hair and you used products containing carbohydrates to add body (such as hair thickening shampoo). Certain conditions too, such as dry and flaky scalps, or excessively oily hair, also require the appropriate products to keep them under control.
4. You're Using Too Much Heat When Styling and Not Giving Your Hair a Break
Don't be fooled: hair straighteners, curling irons and blow-dryers are essential tools for creating great hairstyles, but they do damage your hair if used every day and if not used correctly. You should always:
  • research and compare styling utensils to find the best technology available for the price you can afford
  • follow manufacturers' recommendations and instructions about how to use these tools
  • use a heat protection product to avoid a major mishap
  • avoid heat styling all together for a few days to give your hair a break (your locks will thank you for it)
5. You Don't Have a Basic Hair Care Routine
Having a basic hair care routine is simple and easy to achieve, but so many people just don't manage it. Not having a basic hair care routine will leave you with lifeless locks and a head of hair that is far from impressive. To avoid limp and lifeless hair, start your own routine by:
  • gently brushing every day to encourage blood flow to the scalp and oil distribution through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair
  • using shampoo and conditioner every other day, as well as the appropriate styling product
  • using a daily moisturizer to keep the ends of your hair sealed
  • applying a 20 minute treatment once a week to keep your mane looking its best
6. You Often Get the Latest Looks Even if They Don't Suit Your Lifestyle or Needs
There's nothing wrong with following trends! But realistically, insisting on having the latest cut or color when they just don't suit you face shape, hair texture, lifestyle or styling time and needs is going to be more hassle than they're worth. Don't blindly follow fashion. Instead, be smart, do your research to find a new hairstyle that complements all your personal requirements (you can even try on hairstyles virtually using your own photo, which totally takes the conjecture out of choosing a new style and promotes better communication between your stylist and you).
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Hairstyles for the Teens

Having a nice and trendy hairstyle really makes one stand out of the rest if carried properly. Hairstyle plays an important role in the layout of one’s personality. Teenagers generally become keen about how they look. They start taking good care of their hair and skin and try to look different. They normally try different styles and experiment with their hairstyles. However, nice and trendy hairstyles for teens are generally a variation in the simple hairstyles.
• Ponytails
This is the simplest hairstyle that every teen happily wears. But the good news is that this hairstyle for teens has many variations in it. You can go for a high ponytail or a low ponytail. You can also go for a side ponytail to give a trendy look. Moreover, you can also go for a textured look in a ponytail by straightening or curling your hair before hand.
• Braids
Hairstyles for the TeensThis is another one of the most popular hairstyles for teens. It has many variations and it looks good on all face cuts. It has many styles and you can easily learn to make one of your choices by some practice. It really gives a youthful and girly look.
• Waves in the hair
Every girl with long hair loves the waves in the hair. It is a really versatile and trendy hairstyle. It gives a softer look to the face of a teenager and looks great for the formal occasions. Wavy hair can also be held up in a half up-do to give a more neat and sophisticated look.
• Casual buns
Buns always look neat and sophisticated on women of all ages. When it comes to hairstyles for teens they look even better. They are easy and quick to make and can be made with a little variation in them to give a different and trendy look. You can go for a neat and tight bun or a messy one to give a casual look.
• Layers
Layers in the hair are the most modern look and are the most popular among the teenagers of today. They look modern and stylish and look wonderful when left open and free. You can even add highlights to add luxury to your hair. The beauty of the long layers is that you can tie them up or set them free whenever you like.
• Short hairstyles
Short hairstyles have their own advantages for the teens. They look trendy and stylish at the same time. Short cut hair like the pixie cut really gives a fresh and unique look. They really look stylish and are easy to manage at the same time.
Whatever trendy hairstyle you choose to wear, make sure it suits your personality and life style and is easy for you to manage.
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Short Hair Styles 2013

Short Hair Styles 2013

Though the fashion trends are changing rapidly in every aspect, but the attractive short hair styles have always been among the top choice. The short hair styles are not only one of the most manageable hair styles to carry, but they also offer a wide variety of options in styling. Despite of all the positive aspects of short hair styles, the decision of getting a short hair cut is a huge step for any woman. Before picking up short hair styles it is very important to consider your face shape. For instance, women with round faces should go for short hair styles that add volume to the crown so that their face looks longer. Our hair styles tips will recommend you to do proper research before ending up on the selection of short hair styles.
Short Hairstyle 
As the summer season has arrived, the demand of short hair styles has also increased. A wide variety of short hair styles offer diverse options for women. Some of the short hair styles that are very popular among the women are pixie cut and buzz cut. While short hair styles having pixie cut gives cuter look, buzz cut looks too dramatic. Both of these short hair styles are suitable for round faces along with the styling with side sweeping bangs. Moreover, the short hair styles having appropriate pixie cut have longer crown hair with front styled into bangs.
Short Hairstyle Tips 
Though many new and striking short hair styles have been introduced in the world of hair styles, however, bob hair styles have not lost their popularity. When it comes to short hair styles with bob cut, there are plenty of options available for older women and teens. Young girls can go for short hair styles of bob by picking up an inverted sleek bob. You can also pair up the stylish short hair styles of bob cut with a blunt Cleopatra style bangs or side sweeping bangs.
Ideas for Short Hairstyle 
Apart from short bob, the short hair styles also offer the option of layers along with bob. If you want to keep your hair till shoulder length then short hair styles like short layered bob or medium layered bob are very much suitable for you. Women with wavy or curly hair can sport short hair styles by getting lots of deep layers done in your hair and pair them up with blunt bangs.
Though, short hair styles look nice and funky, but it is important to select short hair styles according to your lifestyle and wearing suitability.


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Hairstyle Match Your Fashion

Seasonal fashion trends go much further than clothes, and runways are places where you can find inspiration from all areas of your look. From accessories trends to make up and hair, the runway should be your first port of call when documenting yourself about trends. We’ve covered fashion trends, make up, and now for intricate hairstyles that will make heads turn.
Hair must not be forgotten when planning those all-important outfits, whether it’s a special occasion or everyday, your hair should not be an afterthought.  So here are 10 inspiring dos taken straight form the runway.
Dolce&Gabbana Baroque up-do
The FW13 season sees a huge Baroque influence. Dolce&Gabbana took the trend to the letter and to accentuate the look, intricate headbands or hair combs have been added. Part your hair, tie up in a low bun, smooth with anti frizz gel and slip into place your favourite jewel encrusted headband.
Pucci Whimsical braids
Medieval hair has come back.  Pucci masters the look with whimsical braids and natural wavy locks. Part your hair in the middle and pin back the ends. Take hair from the nape of the neck and braid, following the curve of your head. Pin in place.
Beehive at Moschino
We fondly remember Amy Whinehouse’s epic beehive, and in a Sixties inspired theme, Moschino went down that road, though a bit less extreme. Part your hair at side. Back-come the hair starting from the crown of the head down to the bottom- don’t scrimp on the hairspray. Fix the loose strands and then smooth the front with spray.
Renaissance Dame at Gucci
Carrying on with the historical trend, Gucci looked back at the Renaissance ladies who grace Titian’s canvases and the recently revamped Pre-Raphaelites. Simple and natural are key words here so, blow-dry hair with round brush. Part hair in middle and twist strands on either side, fasten with an invisible pin or even a velvet bow.
The sleek side parted ponytail at Dior
Minimalism is always in style when flamboyant fashion makes a comeback- its all about contrasts. At Christian Dior, the hair was sleek and simple. Side part the hair, comb using plenty of serum and tie in a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Et voilà!
Tucked hair alla 1940s by Rodarte
The Fall Winter season looked back at the ladylike style of ages gone by. At Rodarte, mistresses in twists, a tucked bob like do- voluminous and dramatic achieved the look. Blow dry hair with heat diffuser, back comb with plenty of hairspray. Tuck lengths underneath as to create a bob. Pin with an oversize accessory or leave as is.
Rolled up retro at Donna Karan
The Fifties also play an important part in the Fall trends this season. The elegance of Grace Kelly must have inspired this sleek up do. Blow-dry hair with round brush and set with rollers. Sweep all hair to the side and with the help of a foam roll, roll the lengths into a side peak. Fix with hairspray.
Equestrian Pony Tail for Chanel
Karl Lagerfeld is not one to dilly dally, so for the FW13 collection, a clean ponytail was the best way to go.  Sweep the hair back in a tight ponytail high at the top of the head. Comb though gel for a wet yet tidy look. All you need is a horse now.
Ballerina Bun for Louis Vuitton
The bun is synonymous with ballerinas who are so graceful and princess like, and Marc Jacobs must have known that all us girls at some point in our childhoods wanted to be either a ballerina or a princess. (Well in my case both at the same time- why not? Haven’t you heard of dancing Dancing Queen?) Sweep hair high onto head, comb back so the hair is sleek and tidy. Wrap the lengths in a tight bun and fix with pins and hairspray.
Prada dip-dyed hair
This is not necessarily a hair do, but with temporary dye it can become one. Miuccia Prada, the mother of the ugly yet beautiful aesthetic has done it again. Obviously less committal if you have lighter hair, have the hairdresser die just the tips in any contrasting colour you may fancy, blue, fuchsia pink, red, anything goes. Let it flow freely on your shoulders.
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Hair Styling Tips

Using Heated Rollers and Hot SticksHeated rollers and
hot sticks need to be used on hair that is perfectly
dry. It is also useful to remember that most hair
types take heated curls better if the hair has not
been washed recently. Hair should go around the roller
one-and-a-half times to give lift and volume as well
as to stop the roller from falling out. For every turn
around the roller after that, you will get more and
more curl and a tighter result.
1.Spray the entire head with hairspray.
2.Wait until the red light comes on, indicating that
the set is ready (hot enough).
3.Start at the crown and use the right size for your
4.Use a fine-tooth comb to divide hair into even
5.Take the first section, comb it smooth and spraying
it again before putting the first roller or stick into
the hair.
6.When rolling your hair, there is a basic rule that
each section of hair should be narrower than the
instrument - this will ensure the correct tension of
hair and give you a better curl.
7.If you are curling short hair, it is a good idea to
use a paper between the roller or stick and the hair —
this will help keep them in place.
8.Roll the hair around the roller or stick and pull
the ends until they disappear. This will avoid the
'fish hook' look. Make sure you don't roll them too
9.Work you way down the back and then the sides.
Finish with the ones at the front.
10.The direction of the roller will determine the
direction of the hair. For a spiral look to your
curls, twist the section of hair before wrapping it
around the roller.
11.Once all of the rollers are set in place, sit
still. It is often the movement that allows the
rollers or sticks to slip and pull, splitting the
12.As soon as they are cool start removing the rollers
or sticks in the same order that you put them in. ·
Use the large ones to give body to a straight style. ·
Use the medium for a bend or change of direction. ·
Use the small one to give curl.
·Use the large ones to give body to a straight style.
·Use the medium for a bend or change of direction.
·Use the small one to give curl.
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Characteristic Hair Style

Length- The prime characteristic for an Emo hairstyle is length. The women Emo hairstyles are generally very short whereas there are various other kinds that are a bit long. On the other hand, the men�s Emo hairstyles are quite long for the guys, usually a bit longer then ear length.

Nice Emo Hairstyle
Characteristic of the Emo <a href= 
hairstyle For GirlsCharacteristic of the Emo hairstyle For GirlsCharacteristic of the Emo hairstyle For Girls">

Color- Majority of the individuals who wear Emo hairstyles often dyes their hair. Black Emo hairstyles are particularly common, while pink, blonde, or red Emo hairstyles are also quite in fashion. Any rainbow color usually works great.

Emo Hairstyle
Characteristic of the Emo <a href= 
hairstyle For Girls">

Highlights- The best feature of Emo hairstyle include highlights. The highlights could be of any rainbow color but red, blue, blonde and pink are among the common ones. The highlights are often very thick in the Emo hairstyles.

Emo Girls
Characteristic of the Emo <a href=

Bangs- Emo hairstyles unusually integrates the side swept bangs with sharp cuts.

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Fabulous Hairstyle

Jordana Brewster Fabulous Hairstyle

Jordana Brewster used to change her hairstyles and at this time she appeared in the new film “Fast Five” with long wavy hairstyle. Her dark brown hair was middle parted, that framed her beautiful oval face. She often combines her long hair with a bang that transforms her image in the best way. Sometimes she wears classy ponytail or just have super sleek glossy hairstyle.
Jordana Brewster Fabulous HairstyleJordana Brewster Fabulous wavy Hairstyle
The secret of her fabulous hairstyle is healthy hair. So do not forget to take care of your hair moisturizing your locks and trimming the edges in order to get rid of split ends.
jordana_brewster wavy hairstyleJordana Brewster Hairstyle

Jordana Brewster long Hair


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Ponytail Haircut

Do you have medium or long hair? Are you happen to out of ideas about hairstyles? Well, the perfect solution for you can be a ponytail which has many advantages, like keeping the hair off the face, looking neat without much work.
Here are some tips for you if you are attempting to achieve a perfect ponytail.

Ponytail Hairstyle

First of all, start with clean hair; otherwise, difficulty will occur on oily hair because the band holding your ponytail can’t help slipping from your hair. For dry and unconditioned hair, you will take risk of having split ends. So, to begin with, you should shampoo your hair well and use a conditioner unless your hair is oily. Since you don’t need to blow dry our hair for a ponytail look, towel dry will do. Add a little bit of gel to give a nice shiny look and help keep control of frizz.

Ponytail Hairstyle

To avoid making your ponytail fight with all the hair at the back, the best way is to lean forward and brush all your hair down to your face. So the point is to bring all the hair from the back forward so that you can gather all of your hair in one bunch for position.

Elastics are commonly used by many people. Just make sure you use those coated in material like scrunches. Actually you can adjust your ponytail to exactly where you want it to hang from. Some prefer a ponytail hanging almost from the top of the head, whereas others prefer it in the middle part of the back of the head and some even lower. It’s all up to you.

Other variations with ponytails are offered in case you want to try. Having a ponytail at a side instead of at the back makes females look cute and lovely. And you can dress up your ponytails with pretty ribbons which are made of thin elastic. Having a go with many scrunches can also be an alternative. You just need to be creative enough to add to your ponytail some extra touch.
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Emo Hairstyle

For an authentic Emo look just follow the guidelines listed below.

Emo Hairstyle

Step 1: Grow your hair out. This will take time, but be patient and maybe give some other hairstyles a chance in the meantime. Allow the bangs to grow out until they reach a length that reaches just below the eyes. The rest of your hair should reach your shoulders, and for girls, it can be even longer.

Step 2: Go to the barber or a trustworthy friend for a professional cut. Tell your stylist that the hair should be layered in long, jagged sections. You will need some extra products to have the short spiky look, but first you will need to cut the back into a layered look, as well.

Step 3: Use a razor to cut the ends of your hair so that it creates jagged and narrow edges. You can do this every few months on your own by selecting some sections to shear with a razor.

Step 4: Go darker. Emo hairstyles are typically worn black, but if you don’t want to veer away from blonde too much, add black or dark red streaks.

Step 5: Get rid of any imperfections like kinks, curls or waves. An emo hairstyle should be straight and smooth.

Step 6: Thin your hair. This step should be done by a professional, as it can go wrong quickly if tried alone. If your hair is thicker than normal, you may want to consider making this your first step.

Emo Hairstyle

Step 7: Accessorize! Emo hairstyles are known for adding trimmings, barrettes and other sorts of hair accessories. For an edgy style, put the accessories in a random pattern.

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Blonde Haircut

Seeing all the different hairstyles over a period of time is really fascinating. Fashion is so variable that you never know what the next major trend will be. It is particularly true with hair. Almost every woman used to dream to have Marilyn Monroe blond hairstyles and craved for her white blond hairstyle. Many tried to obtain the same thing. Whether the hair went well with a woman’s skin or whether it complement her overall appearance didn’t seem to matter. It turned out that many women got bleached out blonde at that time.

Blonde Hairstyle

In recent years women all over the country are reluctant to wear either light blonde hair or the shapes of blonde popular decades ago. Today’s blond hairstyles are less dramatic but more natural. Also women are going more for a hair color that is natural looking and fits their complexion. Some trendy and popular styles are honey blonds and blonde streaks. For sure the bleached out look is out-fashioned.

Blonde Hairstyle

Nobody has a clue about the next big blonde hairstyle. Who will be the next Hollywood star in spotlight to set a new trend for all women to mimic may be a tough question to answer, but it is for sure that popular hairstyles change year after year.
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Hairstyles Make You Look Great

wavy hair with highlights

Because of the natural look and slightly messy in a chic way of long wavy hairstyles it is considered as the modern look. The period of over styled and stuffy hairstyles has long gone and it is time for you to experiment and try something new for your wavy hair. If you want to style your hair while it is damp the best way to do it is by styling it in slick chignon. Even though it will not display your wavy hair, it will still leave them dry so they are enhanced. Apply some styling cream on it.
Your long wavy hairstyles can be done in different ways. Get your hair together from the nape of the neck and start twisting up to the end of your hair. After you have twisted your ponytail, round it up, then wind it in a bun and to secure it, use an elastic. If you are planning to go out, wear a big earrings to give you that chic look, but this may take you several minutes to complete. In case you already have a dry hair, coil hair in a bun position it at the side of your neck as you do some tendrils hanging up front, surrounding your face. It is easy to do and will look great during a casual outing.
You can also part your hair in a way that you are comfortable. It could be a deep side part or in the middle part both will look beautiful. Begin at the front area, start to French braid hair up to the nape of your neck. To add volume gather your remaining hair in a ponytail and put on some Hairspray.
Beautiful light brown wavy hairstyle
wavy long hair
Cute long hair with waves
gorgeous wavy hair
Brown with highlights  , just  a perfect hair color  for wavy hairstyles!
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Hairstyles With Bangs

hairstyles for long hair with bangsLong Hairstyles with Bangs – An Attractive Hairstyle For Long Hair
The styles and length may vary but long hair remains to be the most popular one. Fairy tales as well as love songs and several women have tried the long hair look once in their life. The newest twist is the long hairstyles with bangs. The latest twist on the classic long hairstyle is to have bangs for a strong effect. It does not matter whether it is heavy, blunt, wispy, or side swept bangs add a new type of sass to the traditional style. Blunt, strong bangs can make a long layered style of hair look very attractive. Cropping the part right above the eyebrow bone, this will make your eyes pop and provides the impression that you are not afraid to have some fun. With a long, nice layers this look can be done on straight or curly hair. All you need is that you have time blow drying your hair.
Long hairstyles with bangs is an easy to style hairstyle. You can simply just let the bang side swept and it is enough to make you look great. You can make even the simplest ponytail or bun and still look stylish. Framing the face, emphasizing the jawline and bone structure, the side swept appearance likewise works well with long hairstyles with bangs. The most versatile long hairstyles with bangs is having the long bangs look. Most of the time parted down in the middle, the look combines long, layered hair with longer bangs.

Beautiful layered hairstyle for long hair with bangscute hairdo for long hair with bangs
hairdos for long hair with bangs
long reddish brown hair with side bangs long hair with side bangs
cute long layered hair with bangs
cute long layered hair with bangs 

long hairstyle with side bangs
Dark long hairstyle with side bangs
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Hairstyles ideas for 2013

If you want to stand out from the crowd and you don’t know how to do it, ponytail hairstyles are just for you. Don’t think they are monotonous and uninteresting. 2013 is the year for experiments with ponytails, of course if your hair is medium or long.
In 2013 you can look different with lots of hairstyling ideas created by hairdressers. There is a requirement for your hair. It must be always clean, shiny, healthy and with a volume.
2012 hairstyleshair style 2012
hairstyle 2012hairstyles 2012
What about classic ponytails? Don’t be surprised when you hear that you can do various things with them. If you are to go out with your friends and you don’t know what to do with your hair to look cool, do the following. Gather your hair in a low tail on the one side of your neck and leave a little hair on both sides so as to let your hair have a natural look. If you want to look fresh and cool, set a loose ponytail. Flyways and bangs which frame your face help you look nice and simple at the same time.
Hairstyles for 2013
ponytails hairstyles 20122012 Hair styles
hair 2012hairstyles for 2012
It goes without saying that ponytails are the simplest and the most convenient hairstyles to choose if you are in a hurry and don’t have much time to change your appearance. The easiest steps to look cool are the following. First, wash your hair. Second, dry it in unruly way. Then use a little gel or mousse to fix your hair. Set it in a tail on one side and leave several flyways. This is the fastest and the best way to look cool, fashionable and attractive.
If you want to have a volumable hairstyle, comb your hair back, brush your hair from the mid to the roots several times until you get the volume you wish. Then use a hairspray and set your desired ponytail at the height you wish it to be.
hairstyles 2013
ponytails hair stylesponytails hair styles 2012
Ponytails can also be set at the top of the head like in the childhood. If you do it on one side you will look more girlie and playful. You mustn’t be a professional hairdresser and have skills to be able to set a ponytail and create this hairstyle which is very fashionable in 2013.If you have hair, which doesn’t stay in the tail, use a little hairspray.
When going out for a walk set you ponytail on one side, fix it with an elastic band, then take some hair from the tail and cover the band with it so as not to show it. Be sure that you will look cool, stylish and gorgeous.
If you are a business lady but you also want to create a ponytail, use a straight ponytail. It is also very fashionable in 2013.
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