Tuesday, 16 April 2013


When the average heel high on Bond Street reached six inches, something had to change. And it’s no wonder that the new Spring/Summer 2010 collection has taken a backlash against the towering stiletto. Although we are all victims to the elaborate high-heel, this season we are being told that boring can be good - but will we listen?
From flat walking sandals to chunky clogs, the likes of Chanel, Prada and even Jimmy Choo have abandoned to ever growing stiletto and created a new season of sensible, subtle and comfortable shoes. But is that really what we want? I’m sure we can all agree that when Alexander McQueen started churning out 12 inch heels, a line had been crossed, but is this really going to be the season where we turn our backs on our once-beloved towering heels in exchange for chunky clogs and kitten heels our mums would wear? Unfortunately I think not.
We may be being kind to our feet by keeping them flat on the floor, but isn’t the old saying “no pain no gain”? And what makes a woman feel more confident than a pair of stunning stilettos teamed with a classic LBD? Not sandals!
Maybe this trend will catch on for daytime attire and the women on Bond Street can give their feet a rest, but the killer high heel has, and will always be the ultimate confidence booster for women all over the world, and will take more than one season of ‘boring’ flats to die!


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