Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Wedding Sarees

Though the saree, or sari, is most commonly associated with Indian women, this flowing piece of clothing is worn by women in many different areas of the world, and in many different styles. The saree is important to the women of all these cultures. The bridal saree is an especially important garment. Choosing a bridal saree is akin to buying a wedding dress
        The saree ensemble is generally comprised of three pieces: the choli (a tight-fitting blouse), a long skirt and a length of fabric usually about a meter in width and 5 meters in length. They are available in a variety of colors and materials, including cotton and silk. Women of different communities wear sarees in different manners, and a slightly different design. For example, Brahmin women wear no skirt, but instead a longer sari which they can wrap around their legs.
        You can be certain to find whatever color you choose.          
        While bridal sarees are not as tied to a particular color as the traditional white wedding dress of Western cultures, color is an important feature. Pink and red are popular colors, but there is no obligation to choose these colors. When picking a color for their sarees, women consider, along with the opinions of their relatives, which color will best suit their complexion, figure, and the design of the saree. Wedding sarees are available in every color from white to bright red, yellow and blue to suit the tastes of the bride.
        Hours of delicate work can result in expensive embroidery.
        Sarees are made from cotton, silk, and other synthetic materials. The fabric can affect the cost, but costlier materials generally last longer, making the garment itself hold up longer. Hindu weddings are traditionally a grand affair, and an enormous cause for celebration, so a woman planning a Hindu wedding might choose an embroidered saree. These elaborate sarees can be made from chiffon, brocade, and so on, and are named for the type of embroidery the saree-maker uses.
        Bollywood refers to the large Indian film industry and the many films it produces each year in Hindi. The fashions seen by the stars who appear in Bollywood films have had much influence on the sarees some women choose for their weddings. Bollywood films are famous for their vivid colors, large-scale song-and-dance numbers, and elaborate costumes. The lehenga style, produced to look similar to Bollywood-wear, are embroidered with intricate designs, using pearls, crystals, and are designed to make one look sleek and elegant.


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