Monday, 8 April 2013

Back To School Fashion


If you don’t want the campus fashion police to come after you, try to follow this back-to-school fashion advice.
DO wear something new. There’s something very satisfying about ripping the price tag off a new item you have been saving for a special day.
DO keep your look youthful. Don’t be in a rush to look older. Freshmen especially will ditch their high school look completely, but wearing a pencil skirt and heels will only make getting to classes on time harder.

DO try a new ‘do. Before going back to class, mix in a few lowlights, try a new length or go for bangs.
DO give into the trends of the season. Try out one (or a few) new trends for Fall. But, be picky and pick what works for you and your body type.
DO wear layers. Canadians know how to do this best. They are also the easiest look for transitioning between early mornings, potentially hot afternoons and evening plans without having to run home for anything.
DO pack properly. Find a well-made bag big enough to fit your books.  I’m not a mom, but I can tell you right now you will hate yourself come November if you buy some flimsy canvas thing with a strap that digs into your shoulder.

DO recycle, reuse, reinvent. Incorporate your summer wardrobe into fall.  Tanks are great for layering and shorts and skirts can be worn with long sleeves and fall boots.
DO plan ahead. Getting back into a schedule is hard enough as it is, so put together a few options for the first week and reduce the stress of earlier mornings and new bus routes.

DO find yourself and be yourself. Effortless style is where it’s at.  Use the start of a new school year to take a few risks and find your personal style. Try a vintage store for unique pieces or dig out an old favourite and make it new again.
DON’T be a copycat. Make sure not to wear the entire outfit you bought off the mannequin at Zara.  People will notice — and not in a good way. Mix and match, it’s wonderful.
DON’T wear a costume. Dressing up for school is not a game of dress-up. Avoid going all Britney Spears circa “Hit Me Baby (One More Time).” The school girl thing won’t make you any friends. Stay classy, throw on some skinny jeans and a boyfriend blazer.


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