Monday, 8 April 2013

do as the Romans

When in Rome, do as the Romans!


When visiting a new city, the best way to dress appropriately is by taking a look at what the locals are wearing. For those wondering what to pack for Italy, Rome native Lucia offers Travel Fashion Girls advice on what to wear in Rome when you visit her beautiful city during the summer. Enjoy Travel Fashion Girl’s latest feature: City Style Guides.

Visiting Rome is an experience you won’t forget!

To enjoy your stay in the Eternal City you need to carry the right clothes so you can comfortably take in all of our beautiful Italian sights. Here is my Italy packing list helping you decide what to wear in Rome and other tips for travelers visiting my city during the summer:
What to Pack for Rome, Italy:
What to Wear in Rome: Italy Packing ListOne t-shirt: it is necessary if you plan to visit San Peter’s Basilica or any other church, since visitors are not allowed to enter with bare shoulders or legs. Choose a white t-shirt so you don’t suffer too much if the weather is hot.
Three cotton tank tops: they’ll be your allies during the days spent walking through the city to visit monuments. If you don’t want to carry too many colors with you then go for black: Italians consider this color pretty elegant and wearing in black you will be always fine.
One long sleeve shirt: in case the temperature is a little colder than expected. White or black, it will perfectly fit with a pair of jeans.
One long dress: for a special occasion: you could end up eating in a charming hotel or being invited to a party… be sure to have something elegant with you! (sounds like a little black travel dress is in order?)
One pair of jeans: Dark blue. Italians wear jeans a lot, different colors and match them with almost everything. (should you really pack jeans?)
One pair of leggings: They go with everything and are good for layering. (see how to mix and match travel outfits with leggings)
Two pair of shorts: denim or solid dark colors.
One tunic: Solid color, to be worn with leggings or if you go to the beach.
One swimsuit: not so far from Rome, Ostia is a perfect place for a one day trip to the seaside. Don’t forget your swimsuit!
Shoes: One pair of Brazilian sandals to go to the beach. One pair of tennis shoes to go walking in the city (there’s a lot to see in Rome, so there’s a lot to walk too: choose something comfortable!) One pair of black sandals for the evening.
Makeup and accessories (don’t bring any hat with you: you’ll probably buy one in Rome, white with a black belt!)


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