Sunday, 28 April 2013

Eye Makeup

How To Do Eye Makeup makeup is an art through this you can cover your any disquality of your face. But it is very tricky to handle the basic technique of makeup. You’re a little error may give you a very odd look. Your very small mistake can be destroying your all struggle of doing makeup. If you don’t know exactly that how to do makeup then you will not get your required result. For example we will talk about eye makeup. Every type of girl must be loved to do eye makeup, even on any ordinary function too.
But if she doesn’t know the proper way and technique of eye makeup then she can make a big blunder in it. May be she destroyed the beauty of her eye. May be her eyes are perfectly beautiful but the wrong choice of eye shades will make her eyes ugly or disturbed it original shape.As the makeup of blue eyes is very tricky if the girl with blue eyes want to do perfect makeup she can see Eye Make up Tips For Blue Eyes
Eye makeup is very easy to do, if you know the basic rules of eye makeup. Through doing perfect eye makeup you can enhance the beauty of your eyes and also you can cover any defect in the shape of your eyes. You should keep in mind that the choice of eye shadow color and type of shadow according to the weather, function and your nature too. You should choose the shades according to your nature otherwise it will make you funny and confused.
The basic technique of eye make up is that you should use always dark color on your inner corner of your eyes and the lighter shade will apply on the outer corner of your eyes. It will give a bigger look to your eyes; if you will do vise verse the result also will be opposite. You should apply mascara on the upper portion of your eye lashes other wise it will give an artificial look to you. To prominent your eyes beauty you should use highlighter on upper eye led .It will give you very trendy look. For proper professional look you should use proper eye makeup brushes. Other wise you can not give a perfect look to your eyes.



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