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Top 10 Hairstyles

Top 10 Women Hairstyles for 2013

Aside from the pacing of clothing designs for the past few years, women are also following on the next hairstyles that will compliment their personality, shape of their face, and of course, this year’s fashion prediction. Transition and repetition are all part of reinvention whether it is how you dress yourself up, especially to women who are known in the vain attribution and application, because it adds to grace, poise, and overall personality. For the past two years, we have seen the influence of the Korean hair cut for both men and women. On this list, ladies would love to try these top 10 women hairstyles for 2013. Know the changes, and see if there are similarities in few decades haircuts that have been seen among women.

10. Boufant Hairstyle
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This is one of the favorite hairstyles of women celebrities and teenagers who love to have this look these days. In fact, it was very evident in the recently completed Golden Globe Awards, where most ladies preferred to have the boufant hairstyle, wearing this dazzling hairstyle of 2013. According to history, it is actually derived from the French during 18th century, where boufant means swelling or bouff. It actually gives an overall puffed-out look. With a simple or plain headband, you are all ready to showcase this style.
9. Loose Updo
Messy Chignon Of Jessica Stroup large Top 10 Women Hairstyles for 2013

It works both in casual and formal settings, and it does not need too much effort for the ladies since you can do it yourself. Hence, if you want to achieve a specific look, you can ask your hairstylist from your favorite salon, especially if you are attending events or parties. It works even in medium or short hairstyles, although it works best to lengthy hair.
8. Horse Ponytail
Elisha Cuthbert Ponytail Hairstyle Top 10 Women Hairstyles for 2013

Like the loosed updo hairstyle, it is also one of the easiest hairstyles and favorite picks being used in most of formal gatherings like prom nights for teenagers. You can or anyone could actually do it. If you know  any better how to pull away the hair from your face, wherein you are trying to achieve an undocked tail of a pony or a horse, then you are all set, nice and easy.

7. Layered Medium Hairstyle
jennifer aniston haircut Top 10 Women Hairstyles for 2013

Layered hairstyle is one of the sleek and sophisticate haircuts that compliment to short, medium, and of course, long hair. It has asymmetric or choppy layers, which became trendy not just in 2011 and 2012, but it is still part of the top favorites of ladies even today. In fact, if you have not yet tried this cut, this year will work best for you since it’s year of the snake. You could also add streaks and highlights, and it is one of the great looks that you can wear on summer.
6. Center Parted Hairstyle
Golden Globe Awards 2013 Amanda Seyfried Center Parted Hairstyle Top 10 Women Hairstyles for 2013

The side parted hairstyle is known as an appropriate hair division that can be done on hair, and although the center parted hairstyle was not a good style for many, definitely, it has ruled out all the do’s and don’ts. In fact, the best way to know if it looks good on you is if you feel that you are comfortable with it. It can be easily done in curly, long, and even short hair lengths. Hence, it still suits on specific shapes of faces.
5. Messy Bob Hairstyle
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This is a no effort messy bob hairstyle if you have a curly or wavy hair. Just have a bob hair cut, and apply a hair gel or cream and mess up your hair a bit. To those who have a natural straight hair, you can still achieve the messy bob hairstyle by curling a few strands and applying creams or any products that will retain the hair volume and look, so it won’t be straightened after a few hours.
4. Long Sleek Hairstyle with Side Bangs
Nicole Anderson Long Sleek Hairstyle with Side Bangs Top 10 Women Hairstyles for 2013

This is an ultimate favorite, and you can see it in most of the shampoo or any hair products that promote better hair look. Of course, you should have long hair whether it’s colored or not, as it flatters most face shapes. You can style it messy, and have waves or curls on the ends. In fact, it becomes one of the regular hairstyles in normal days where adding some twists can be done if you need to attend activities and events.
3. Long Hairstyle with Layers
Long hairstyles with layers and side swept bangs Top 10 Women Hairstyles for 2013

Achieve an edgy and inspiring look with this long hairstyle with layers. It is one of the favorite autumn hairstyles that ooze or boost women with confidence. It has a combination of soft layers and highlight features of your face. In fact, this is an answer to an ordinary and conservative hairstyle of some women. It adds perks and length, and it can transform your overall personality. You can go with the choppy layering or bulk texture. All you need to do is to ask your hairdresser which one would best suit you.
2. Short Wavy Bob Hair
Michelle Dockery Short Wavy Bob Hairstyles 2013 Top 10 Women Hairstyles for 2013

This is the popular hairstyle for 2013 that can be curled to achieve by messing your hair or damping your hands onto your hair with cream, disorienting your bobbed hair. Bob literally means short and it works for all types of hair, specifically for wavy, curly, and straight ones. It is one of the Korean favorites, and at times, it is associated to them.
1. The Waves
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From long hair to shoulder length, this one is not just called as a favorite hairstyle that most of the hair dressers have done since it’s the top favorite among teenagers and those who are in their early 30s and 40s. If you have watched the Golden Globe’s Red Carpet Event, most of the celebrities had their hair done this way. You could have the mesmerizing hair waves, especially if you have natural hair. You may use hair curlers at home if you have a standard hair length where you could make waves that specifically partition your hair. You could do the soft finger wave hairstyles or bid defined ones, depending on the demand of the event you are going to attend.



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