Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Makeup and Dresses

 Fashion means following current trends in dresses and other accessories to have stylish look. In this modern age, everyone is curious to wear dresses of latest trends with matching accessories. It is also a good sign for those who are fashion designers because they can earn money through it. Everyone can develop good fashion sense by learning how to dress in stylish and comfortable way. It is necessary that your dress and accessories should suit your personality type and lifestyle. Without good fashion sense you cannot even select a right dress for you. Selection of a stylish dress is not sufficient because sometimes this dress can spoil your look. Your body type, age and skin tone all matter a lot in selection of right dress. It is true that lots of designers are working in fashion industry but not everyone can afford designer dresses therefore today I will share some basic points that are necessary to design stylish dresses. I hope these will help you to develop good dressing sense:
Consider Your Body Shape
Professional fashion designers always suggest considering your body shape before selecting a dress for you. There are different types of body according to shapes such as apple shape body, pears shape body, rulers shape body and hourglass shape body. Select colors and types of dresses according to your shape for example apples have round physique therefore if you have apple figure then you have to select outfits with V-necklines. Pears have larger bottom so with a pear shaped figure you should wear light color tops. Slender rulers can try ruching. If you have hourglass figure ten try classic wrap dresses to emphasize tiny waist.
Select Color According to Your Skin Tone
Color of your dress should be matched with your skin tone. Selection of color according to your skin tone will flatter your personality. If you have golden skin tone then warm tones such as gold or orange will look best on you. If your skin tone is reddish or pink then it is good to use cool tones such as blue and purple to have more flattering look. In men, the strong colors are suitable for dark skinned man while men with medium skin tone should use earth tones in dresses. Fair skinned men can wear black tones.
Organize Your Wardrobe
Your wardrobe should be organized because it will help you to easily select dresses for right occasion. You have to classify your wardrobe according to work, weekend and special occasions with right accessories. Your shoes, jewelry, handbags, scarves etc. everything matters a lot therefore do not ignore them and choose right colors according to your dresses.
Consult Fashion and Style Games
There are lots of fashion and styles along with some interesting girl games on having games for girls that provide great help to select right dress for you according to your skin tone. These games facilitate player with different options to choose dress, skin tone, hair color, jewelry etc. Ashley Tisdale makeup game is one of the top games that are famous in girls to select their dresses and fashion jewelry. You can also play these games to have an idea about your selected dress type and jewelry.


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