Saturday, 30 March 2013

Being Thirty

Being thirty is no more a worry

For time immemorial, there has been a fear of crossing over to the 30s. Fear of having the years show on your skin, on your body, of having lost time, of gaining the kilos – the fear of the years stacking up. The worse is that one does not want celebrate birthdays any more and no shouting your age to the world.   
Thankfully, things are changing.  Being 30 is no more a problem today – you can still achieve the 20′s look! 
Kaya Skin Clinic, offers a range of age control services that will help the years look good on you with a little help from you by pampering your skin in  your 20′s. Kaya can help you eliminate your biggest age indicators such as spots, fine lines and dullness. So by your next birthday, you can keep your youthful skin of your 20′s. 
You don’t have to wait for the dreaded three zero to start panicking about age lines, wrinkles or sun damage. A regular monthly peel or kaya advanced facial will set the right foundation and act as strong building blocks. When you reach that dreaded pinnacle, no one believes your age! 
All age-defying treatments are not as drastic as it sounds; there are simple peels that one can start from the age of 25. All it takes is 4 to 6 sessions over a period of 2 months each treatment lasting about 30 minutes. If done the same on regular basis, it will renew the skin and keeps it glowing and healthy. 
While all of this sounds good, Skincare experts at Kaya Skin Clinic have warned that even a simple procedure could go wrong if not performed by an experienced personnel at any clinic as too much or too little of the saline may be applied.
At Kaya, the presence of a qualified dermatologist is mandatory and all services are monitored. Skin practioners are trained and certified by the Kaya training centre after undergoing an intensive course and completing hours of trial. This assures you of getting only the very best.


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