Saturday, 30 March 2013

Skin Care Resolutions

We all know that ageing is irreversible as our skin ages biologically. It’s something we need to live with and accept.  But the good news is that we can slow down the ageing process and still look ten years younger than our chronological age if we look after ourselves, starting now. 
Dr Sahana, Dermatologist, Kaya Skin  Clinic, a leading skin expert in the region recommends practical steps to maintain skin as it ages and to reduce the effects of external factors – like sun exposure and chronic stress – that could add and accelerate the process: 
untitled32These skin-care resolutions for 2009 are simple and inexpensive: 
  • Replace old, used beauty products with new ones: It is recommended to discard  the products that have been opened  a year ago, as bacteria is transferred from our fingers to  the jars of face creams which  has consequential effect of growth of micro-organisms. 
  • Quit smoking:  Smokers tend to get more vertical wrinkles above the lip, due to puckering of the mouth and also lines get formed around the eyes to keep the smoke out. Thus, it is highly suggested that one should give up on smoking as it will keep the premature wrinkles at bay, the end result is assurance of healthy skin and the added bonus is healthy lungs too!  
  • Leave the pimples alone and avoid zit-popping: Squeezing the acne actually results in pushing the bacteria deeper into the skin, causing further inflammation and pigmentatary changes. The worse is scarring of the face. 
  • Sleep More: Our skin needs sleep too, as stress may impair the skin’s barrier function, which keeps bacteria out and water in. Adequate sleep-hours and cleansing of the make-up before one sleeps is mandatory.  The other effects of sleep deprivation and stress are hair loss, and skin diseases like eczema.  
  • Sunscreen: To make sunscreens our best friend in skin wear. In addition to this, limit our exposure to mid-afternoon sun and always wear protective shades such as sun glasses, umbrellas and hats.  As sunscreen usage inhibits pigmentation and freckles caused by direct exposure to the sun. The  worse fear is skin cancer, thus using sunscreen regularly can impede the development of squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer  
  • Simplify your beauty regime:  Start your day with cleansing, toning and moisturise. Its an age old adage, yet goes a long way in preventing the skin from getting wrinkled before its time. As said before, a sunscreen or moisturizer containing sunscreen is the most crucial element of the beauty regime. Also wash your face every evening before going to sleep, as the skin picks up environmental debris during the day and washing- off these dirt particles, along with makeup, every evening gives the skin a rest from exposure to possible irritants.
  Last but not least, have a total lifestyle change:
  • 1. Pamper your eyes as they are our vision to the world and the index of the face: We constantly misuse our eyes by chronic exposure to computers, environmental pollutants which is in-escapable. But taking a 10 minute break for every hour of staring into the screen helps to reduce those dark circles.
  • 2. Minimise aerated drinks, coffee and tea as it will help to keep the skin healthy.
  • 3. Drink loads of water. It is the life line to every being and gives life to skin as well. Recommended intake is least 2-3 liters a day.
  • 4. Exercises at least 2-3 times a week. Healthy body and healthy skin always go together.
  • 5. To balance the daily diet with generous servings of fruits, salads, nuts, leafy vegetables, lean meat (fish & chicken). This invariably helps the skin, and adds luster to the hair.
  • 6. Develop mind over matter as benefits of positive attitude and meditation are not to be underestimated in their contribution towards glowing ski


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