Saturday, 30 March 2013

Ponytail Haircut

Do you have medium or long hair? Are you happen to out of ideas about hairstyles? Well, the perfect solution for you can be a ponytail which has many advantages, like keeping the hair off the face, looking neat without much work.
Here are some tips for you if you are attempting to achieve a perfect ponytail.

Ponytail Hairstyle

First of all, start with clean hair; otherwise, difficulty will occur on oily hair because the band holding your ponytail can’t help slipping from your hair. For dry and unconditioned hair, you will take risk of having split ends. So, to begin with, you should shampoo your hair well and use a conditioner unless your hair is oily. Since you don’t need to blow dry our hair for a ponytail look, towel dry will do. Add a little bit of gel to give a nice shiny look and help keep control of frizz.

Ponytail Hairstyle

To avoid making your ponytail fight with all the hair at the back, the best way is to lean forward and brush all your hair down to your face. So the point is to bring all the hair from the back forward so that you can gather all of your hair in one bunch for position.

Elastics are commonly used by many people. Just make sure you use those coated in material like scrunches. Actually you can adjust your ponytail to exactly where you want it to hang from. Some prefer a ponytail hanging almost from the top of the head, whereas others prefer it in the middle part of the back of the head and some even lower. It’s all up to you.

Other variations with ponytails are offered in case you want to try. Having a ponytail at a side instead of at the back makes females look cute and lovely. And you can dress up your ponytails with pretty ribbons which are made of thin elastic. Having a go with many scrunches can also be an alternative. You just need to be creative enough to add to your ponytail some extra touch.


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