Saturday, 30 March 2013

Blonde Haircut

Seeing all the different hairstyles over a period of time is really fascinating. Fashion is so variable that you never know what the next major trend will be. It is particularly true with hair. Almost every woman used to dream to have Marilyn Monroe blond hairstyles and craved for her white blond hairstyle. Many tried to obtain the same thing. Whether the hair went well with a woman’s skin or whether it complement her overall appearance didn’t seem to matter. It turned out that many women got bleached out blonde at that time.

Blonde Hairstyle

In recent years women all over the country are reluctant to wear either light blonde hair or the shapes of blonde popular decades ago. Today’s blond hairstyles are less dramatic but more natural. Also women are going more for a hair color that is natural looking and fits their complexion. Some trendy and popular styles are honey blonds and blonde streaks. For sure the bleached out look is out-fashioned.

Blonde Hairstyle

Nobody has a clue about the next big blonde hairstyle. Who will be the next Hollywood star in spotlight to set a new trend for all women to mimic may be a tough question to answer, but it is for sure that popular hairstyles change year after year.


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