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Collagen Boosting Foods

Collagen is one of the essential elements to maintain the youth of our skin. Without collagen, your skin will puff, sag, and full of wrinkles along with other numerous skin imperfections that you want to hide. The good news is there are foods that are packed with collagen or able to boost your collagen production within your skin. Read on to find out.
Collagen Boosting FoodsCollagen is a fibrous protein within the connective tissues that exist in our body along with elastin to maintain the appearance of your skin to look smooth and supple as well as giving your skin the ability to stretch and contract. As you age, the production of collagen diminish gradually and your skin is not as smooth as it used to be while fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear noticeably. There are many sources that you can have to retain the youth of your skin by consuming it to be absorbed into your body.

What Foods Contain Collagen

Foods are undoubtedly an important source of collagen. Have plenty of soy products such as soy milk, tempeh, and soy beans. Soy products contain a chemical compound called genistein, helps to block enzymes that are responsible to break and age your skin. There are many varieties of soy so pick a favorite and get a younger skin.
Dark leafy veggies and fruits that are rich in Vitamin C are important for just about any health benefits that you want to achieve and that includes for collagen too. Vitamin C is essential as part of the component to boost collagen production in your body as well as making the collagen to work.
Avocado is also potent in promoting collagen for your skin. Avocadoes are high in monosaturated fat, potassium, omega fatty acids and fibre. Simply eat it raw or in oil to reap the benefits. Of course, other omega acid food sources include sardines and mackerel so have some in your diet.
Have plenty of foods that are high in antioxidants to combat free radicals and prevent them from inhibiting collagen production and affecting adversely to your skin. Lycopenes and polyphenols are just some of the antioxidants potent for younger skin. Try adding foods such as tomatoes and berries to neutralize harmful free radicals.
Foods that are high in sulphur content are also beneficial in collagen production. Olives, celery, and cucumbers are the foods for collagen.

Do Collagen Supplements Help Skin?

With the high demand among people to restore their younger skin back again, collagen supplements are produced in the form of pills/tablets, injections, or drink. Similar to collagen creams, collagen supplements and drink are just another method to add external collagen to your body.
These collagen supplements and collagen drink are often marketed as anti–aging products that can retain the youth of your skin and the collagen are often derived from bovine, pig, or poultry sources. Depending on the type/brand of collagen supplement that you take, the amount of collagen to take depends on the dosage recommended for your age.

Does Collagen Drink Work? Do Collagen Capsules Work?

However, the results are still debatable those collagen supplements and drink work and do improve the appearance of your skin although recent studies shown seem to back up the promise in delivering your skin as tight and supple as before. Such arguments include that collagen molecule is too large and cannot be absorbed to your skin and even it’s absorb, there’s no guarantee that it’s assimilated to the body. Others may say that instead collagen, supplements that include keratin is useful to stimulate collagen production and efficient in reducing the appearance of wrinkles.
Collagen CapculesTo be in the safe side, it’s important that you have plenty of foods that are known to boost your collagen production such as alpha lipoic acid and Vitamin C – content foods as well as lysine in your diet to encourage collagen supplements to work its wonders to your skin. And of course, don’t forget to follow the instruction of your collagen supplements for it to work.
Having foods that are known to promote collagen is indeed a sure fire way to maintain a smooth, supple skin although supplements might work as well. With these insights, you’ll know how to achieve a younger skin with plenty of collagen boosting foods.


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