Saturday, 30 March 2013


Recently, I met a friend for a consoling lunch after she lost her job. I sat with sympathetic ears, immersed in the conversation. And then it happened. My mind started to leave the crisis at hand, and shifted to the black tear streaming down her cheek. Was her mascara toxic? I tried to divert my attention back to her words, but again, I could only envision that black trickle seeping through her skin and bringing toxins into her bloodstream. I know, I know, a bit obsessive compulsive, but this scenario embodies my frustration with the lack of awareness concerning chemicals in the personal care industry.
Our systems are becoming more polluted with synthetic chemicals, and I believe we are beginning to see the results in the form of increased illnesses. Some of the compounds found in makeup have been linked to side effects ranging from skin irritation to cancer. Absorbing chemicals through the skin can be even more dangerous than swallowing them because they hit the bloodstream immediately and are carried to vital organs.
Women, who tend to use more personal care items, including makeup, are exposed to far more harmful chemicals than men. From my evaluation of the market, most mainstream cosmetic products contain at least one hazardous element. You might question why these detrimental products aren’t taken off the shelves. The truth is, most illnesses these elements are believed to cause can take years to surface.
Organic foundation, eye shadow, blush and lipstick are becoming increasingly easier to find, with mascara being the most difficult to track down. Some companies are starting to make the switch, but if you live in a small town, you will probably have to go online to find complete organic collections. I’ve discovered some of my favorite cosmetics this way. Mascara, was the last makeup item I switched from a conventional brand. Truthfully, I have yet to find one that gives as much volume as the commercial brand I used years ago, but long-term health outweighs vanity. The upside, my organic mascara makes my lashes look thicker and more natural. I suggest looking for a brand with horsetail herb, vitamin B-5 or nettle, which are all recognized for their nourishing and strengthening qualities.
Give yourself a few months for the nutrients in your organic mascara to do their magic. In my former life, I had very dry skin, and I believe it was due to all the chemicals in my personal care products. Now my skin feels silky and nourished.


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