Monday, 1 April 2013

Diamond Heart

 Diamond Heart

pazsuzbeads-diamond-heart3 The newest addition to the PAXSUZbeads collection was released on January 11th, and I have been eagerly checking my mailbox in anticipation of receiving* this beautiful charm.  When my Diamond Heart finally arrived, I was over the moon!  Even seeing the pictures could not do it justice – the exquisite faceting of the bead is the perfect representation of a diamond after which this charm is named.  Being that I’m not a big fan of hearts, I was extra excited that the bead was more versatile than just for Valentine’s Day; diamonds are normally associated with love and what an elegant way to portray that sentiment.  The charm is completely flat on the top, with an engraved double heart symbolizing the love between two people – just another thoughtful detail that is fast becoming Suzanne’s trademark.
While pink is also not a color I normally gravitate towards, I do like the deeper variations of the shade.  Cranberry, cherry, and ruby just to name a few, mix wonderfully together to give a depth to my Valentine’s theme bracelet that the Diamond Heart is just perfect for.  I love mixing a variety of Trollbeads glass with a select number of silver charms, including the Asian Hearts country-specific bead, which is great for the holiday.  As always, I love hearing from you so please join the conversation in the comments section below.  :)
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