Monday, 1 April 2013

Hijab for Workplace

Are you a woman who has worn hijab in the workplace? Has your experience been positive or negative?

If you didn't wear hijab and then later decided to do so, did you place it on one day and show up to work with it unexpectedly? If so, how did your colleagues react?

Did you tell a superior or other colleagues that you wanted to start wearing hijab first? If so, what were the responses and how did they react once you started wearing it?

What are your thoughts on discussing your plan to begin wearing hijab first verses just showing up one day with hijab on?

Have any of you interviewed for a position without hijab and then later began working with hijab?

Are there certain working environments that seem to be more hijab-friendly than others? What environments have seemed hostile?

If you do not wear hijab but have experienced interaction with a hijabi worker, what was your impression of the encounter?

If you'd like to participate in this discussion focusing on hijab in the workplace, please be sure to indicate in your comments what country your encounters occurred in, since this factor can greatly influence one's experience.


Lex said...

I am disappointed to see no other comments so far... I'm always searching for information on the issue of hijab in the workplace, but continue to come up with nothing.

I was raised Christian and have been deeply interested in Islam for the past few months. I have not labelled myself as "converted" yet, however I read the Quran daily and have found hijab to be extremely liberating in places outside of work. I am a project accountant for a subcontractor and hold a back-office position. I interact with clients almost exclusively over the phone and via email, so I don't anticipate that dressing in hijab will be much of an issue when I do decide I'm ready to convert.

I plan on mentioning to my immediate supervisor that I will be wearing full hijab when the time comes. However, for now I am content on gradually adding more modesty to my office attire.

The current back-office dress code allows jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts for every day attire. Logically, I don't see a problem with headscarves, long-sleeve shirts, and long skirts, but there's more to it than that. Our company has a small office staff and we work closely under the president and vice president. One of these men can be noticeably discriminating and inappropriate, though I remain positive.

Denver, Colorado USA

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