Monday, 1 April 2013

Inexpensive Beauty Tricks

Whenever a thought of salon styling comes into the mind, you start looking on the budget. Well, if it’s allowing those expenses this month? If no, you don’t need to worry anymore as here we are going to discuss some tips from the stylists’ diary.
These tips are completely affordable and perfect for maintaining that dazzling look of yours.
Inexpensive Beauty Tips from Experts:
  • Maintain Those Brushes- Good makeup brushes can serve you for years. But all you need to do is the proper cleaning of these with some shampoo or mild detergent. To keep the makeup brushes in top shape, don’t let them sit with the cosmetic products, as these can damage the bristles permanently. 
  • Instead Of Redoing, Refresh The Look- Removing the entire makeup and redoing the whole seems foolishness. So after a mid-day, just moist the face with a toner and pat it dry with a facial tissue. After that, dust it with some loose powder to add a velvety finishing touch. 
  • Skip Those Expensive Body Scrubs- When a spa treatment is beyond the budget, a silky smooth flawless look can also be achieved at home. Just mix a part of olive oil with 2 parts of sugar and add some essential oil. Now message the body with this mixture and take a warm shower. This homemade scrub will act greatly on the skin. 
  • Prepare Your Lips- Whenever lip color is applied, it is very important to have flake-free smooth lips. So if you want to skip the lip scrub, mix vanilla extract with some brown sugar and olive oil. This is helpful to remove all the flakes with a facial tissue. You can now proceed to a sexy lip color. 
  • Don’t Over-Powder- It is a rule to be followed especially on some hot days. Don’t powder your face continuously. Just give it a touch before going out. And always use a facial tissue to blot up the moisture from the face. 
  • Long Lasting Lipstick- To reduce the number of touch-ups for your lipstick, add a little powder to the facial tissue and press it gently within them. This will help the blotting of lipstick and is also preventive for sticking to the teeth. 
  • Perfect Your Lashes- salon tinted eyelashes are great, but similar look can be created at home too. Just wipe the excessive liquid from the mascara wand with a tissue and then apply it on your lashes.
So are you going to the salon this eve? Try these tips before leaving home and I’m sure there will be no need to spend a lot.


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