Monday, 1 April 2013

Easy Makeup Tips

Can You Still Recall those exuberant Funfairs and farewells arranged by juniors to greet senior? the jubilant of the first bonfire is
vivid in your memory but do you remember your first make up?your first up lesson? Make up Makes you younger or older?Is your make up inspired? Do you Make up by instinct? Dose
some*one other than your friends appreciate your make up?
Most of us make up because we have to.In the absence of any prior Knowledge of cosmetics,We start to wear it.We perceive our art perfect until someone points out otherwise.some
girls are clever enough to take online tutorials and copy beauticians. TV and Magazines can also be used for this purpose. Since we do not Know much about the foundation of Make up,Let me start with some basic knowledge of foundation
or base.
Picking right color is very important.Swap several shades placed next to each other on your cheek and select the one that fades out into your skin.
* As a primer use fragrance-free-moisturize foe the even distribution of foundation.
*On Forehead nose ,cheek and chin reasonably dot foundation and use finger to gently press it down avoid excessive use.
*With the help of a brush apply concealer one tube of concealer is not enough.Buy one shade lighter than your eye-circles and buy another shade lighter than your foundation.Use of lighter color directly on your skin will lead to greyish complexion.The right way is to apply dark concealer followed by bright one.
*Use fluffy large brush to highlight the perimeter.
*For a shiny T-Zone use translucent powder on forehead,nose and chin.
These simple steps may seem tiresome but after getting used to you will finish in few minutes.Applying correct is as important as selecting the right.In future we will bring into light more products with more techniques.


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