Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Summer Collections

Summer is the "paradise" of the skinny girls, fat girls "Hell", the fat girl in the scorching summer through the dress to cover up that fleshy body? Share a trick of the summer was thin, the beauty of the fat girls come to understand that fat girl in summer clothing tips.

Fat girls summer clothing with skills: choose a dark color of his clothes

For the fat girl, wear light-colored on the inside, dark sets out not only makes the whole seem lively, and the figure will look very slim. Should not have to wear light-colored abercrombie tops on the outside, and dark wear on the inside, so that the people seem to have no fat also adding to the feeling of several kilograms, but also looked very rustic. Black dress, stockings, shoes, gloves, hats, handbags, portfolio, and gold necklace to decorate, make you appear in mystery a charming figure, fat girls summer clothing, we will let your summer is no longer lonely.

Fat girls summer clothing tips: clothing optional warm

Fat girls mostly do not like light-colored clothing, in fact, with the right mix, fat girls can also wear bright colors. Choose bright white or orange short-sleeved abercrombie t shirts clothing such as upper body, following with a dark blue-green or dark blue jeans, people can not help to see a brightly colored shirt, and will not pay attention to your fat body.

Fat girls summer clothing with three techniques: Floral color is also suitable

The flowers of the body is not suitable for fat girls, but the partial decoration serves as a good and recommended. Floral dress, fat people can choose to avoid,but do not choose large spent on the fabric above, the flowers will look thin.Color abercrombie t shirt choice should be used in medium-size pattern of vertical stripes, darker clothes, you can give a vague outline of hazy feeling.

Fat girls summer clothing Four Skills: pay attention to clothes and skirt details

Yuanqun cover obese body more than the long-barreled tight skirt in flowing white Yuanqun, with fitting short-sleeved shirt, skillfully bring out the slim waist. Also free to add a bunch of retro long necklace embellishment, immediately makes you a full flavor of the ladies.


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