Monday, 1 April 2013

Makeup for Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are very unique in that they often changed their color, allowing them more freedom for makeup expression. These makeup tips for hazel eyes will show you different techniques and suggestions that will help enhance your already unique look.

While black is the most conventional choice for eyeliner color, women with hazel eyes can use different colors to help influence their current color. If you want your eyes to appear more blue, try lining your lids with purple, and if you want eyes to appear more green, try lining your eyes with taupe or brown. These are some of the best makeup tips for hazel eyes because you can affect the way others see your eye color without wearing colored contacts. You can also use white eyeliner on the lower lids in order to brighten your eyes.

Eye shadow color is one of the more important makeup tips for hazel eyes. Purples, blues and golds are good color choices if you want to make your eyes stand out dramatically. The least flattering eye color choice for hazel eyes is anything in the blue gray range, but if you want to use this color, try to use it as an accent color in conjunction with another color. Also add a highlighting powder around your eyes, but use sparingly, in order to draw more attention. Try Sephora Highlighting Compact Powder, which you can brush onto your brow bones and underneath the arch of your eyebrow. Deep brown and purple mascara are great color choices for drawing attention to hazel eyes. To properly follow these makeup tips for hazel eyes, make sure to curl your lashes first. Ulta Heated Eyelash Curler creates deep, long lasting eyelash curls and can be used before or after you apply your mascara. Curling your lashes is an important part of an eye makeup routine because it helps tame your lashes and keep them in the same direction, so that you do not get those dreaded spider lashes. It also gives your lashes more volume, shape and curve, making them appear longer and fuller. After curling your lashes, sweep colored mascara on your lashes, starting at the tips then filling in the base. You can even mix colors, applying black on your upper lid and purple on your lower lid for a quick dash of color.

Finish off your look with bronzer, which can draw attention to the brilliant specks of color within your eyes. By following these makeup tips for hazel eyes, you can influence your eye color and draw more attention to your eyes, making them appear more dramatic and vibrant.


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