Monday, 1 April 2013

For Sensitive Eyes

Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes 

Eye makeup is in trend these days. We see women sporting different type of eye makeup in parties and functions. When applying the eye makeup, you must be extremely careful. Some people have pretty sensitive eyes and the mascaras and eye liners can cause irritation in eyes. Hence, it is important to choose the appropriate makeup items if you have sensitive eyes. Mascara is the vital part of eye makeup. If you have sensitive eyes, you need to choose the best mascara for sensitive eyes. Here are some best makeup ideas to help you in applying eye makeup.
Selecting Mascara for Sensitive Eyes:
Mascara is used to improve your natural features and make you look more beautiful. Applying wrong makeup can make your eyes sensitive. Using right mascara for eye makeup can reduce your eye irritation.
Some major merits of choosing the right mascara are
• It will enhance the natural features without causing irritation
• These sensitive eye mascaras are tested and approved by dermatologists and ophthalmologists
• Best mascaras for sensitive eyes is made from special ingredients that does not cause sensitivity
You must be careful while choosing the mascara and check the Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic property on the mascara. The mascara with these properties is best suitable for sensitive eyes.
Also you can choose the herbal or mineral mascara for your eye makeup. Herbal mascara has non-comedogenic properties and it will not cause any irritation in eyes. It is best suitable for sensitive eyes.
Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes:
It is proved from the studies that the black mascara is best suitable for sensitive eyes. It has minimum risk of allergic reactions from all shades. The best mascara for sensitive eyes should not cause eye irritation. Depending on the ingredients contained in the Mascara, it can cause irritation, itching and burning; hence it has to be screened by eye care specialist before use.
It is also important to check the date of expiry at the time of purchase. Use of expired mascara can also be harmful to your eyes. Follow the proper tips for applying mascara. Improper practice of applying mascara can cause irritation in eyes.
Mascara for eye makeup can enhance the beauty of your eyes but if you have sensitive eyes and don’t care to choose the appropriate mascara, you may face the problems of infections and irritations.



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