Monday, 1 April 2013

Makeup Tips 4 Evening

    Evening makeup tips 001 makeup tips and tutorials
  1. The most important tip for evening makeup is that woman should know the difference between day and evening makeup. It is advisable that women should use neutral shades under the fluorescent lights.
  2. The second tip is that women should avoid using golden and yellow tones for evening makeup because they look deadly.
  3. Thirdly, women should avoid using the bronzers. Moreover, woman should use foundation sparingly.
  4. Moreover, for evening makeup women should use eye shadows in the shades of blue, peach, green. Women should not use the darker hues. These eye shadows colors are perfect for evening makeup.
  5. Another important tip for evening makeup is that woman should apply powder sparingly for giving the extra shine. Furthermore, women should re-apply the eye liner for looking more attractive.
  6. For evening makeup, woman should use the double coat of mascara but she should take care that it doesn’t give the heavy look.
  7. The latest tip for evening makeup is that women should apply fresh lipstick along with lip gloss in order to give extra elegant look.
So these are simple and easy tips for evening makeup. So if any girl wants to attend any sort of evening party she should apply these tips for becoming th


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