Monday, 1 April 2013

Night Party Makeup

Simple and Interesting Night Party Makeup Ideas and Tips


You should apply the ostentatious makeup for the night parties so that you look attractive amongst all. People want to look different for night parties every time and they keep on trying different tricks for this purpose. You should have a comfortable makeup to stand out in the night parties and hold the attention of everyone. You should follow the best makeup ideas for applying night party makeup. The article discusses the best makeup ideas that will help you to get noticed in the eye of everyone during the night parties.
Night Makeup Tips:
  • When preparing for the night parties, initially have a look at your skin. It should look fresh and attractive. Rub the ice-cubes on your face for 5-10 minutes with short breaks.
  • Dip the cotton ball in milk and wipe your face. Skin will look fresh and attractive with glow on it
  • Be careful about the base of your face complexion. Use the foundation brush or sponge to apply the foundation all over your face
  • You can also use shimmer powder for better results
  • Apply the blush on your cheeks that matches the color of your dress. Apply bluster on sides of your forehead and chin
  • Any type of makeup gives special importance to eye makeup. Smoky eye makeup is usually considered best for the night parties
  • Apply the eye-shadow to your eye-lids matching with the blusher and dressing. Use short strokes of eye-liner on your eyes
  • Apply mascara on the eye lashes and give 2-3 coats of it
  • Give good shape to your eyebrows using the pencil
  • Use lip liner pencil for your lip makeup. Make a good shape of your lips. Use the lip brushes to apply lipstick finely on your lips
  • You can also use the lip gloss to make your lips look more glossy and attractive
  • The beauty of your nails is also important. Give proper shape to your nails after filing them
  • Apply the nail paint of suitable color. You can also use colorless base coat for your nails
You can implement the above makeup ideas when you are preparing for the night parties. Following these steps will definitely make you look gorgeous and stand out from others in the party.


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